Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This is the New York Yankees

Went to watch Texas Rangers beat the Yankees last night. It was not only my first ever [real] baseball experience, but also my first trip to the Bronx. Not much to say about the game or the players. Most of them under-performed, all of them looked like obese truck drivers gone millionaires with a cap on. The game was long. Then again. I doubt anyone there actually went to actually watch the game, it's more a family picnic and a terrific excuse to drink beer on a Tuesday I presume.

The all new Yankee Stadium.

POV of the batter.

Roaring crowd.

Yup. Senor A-Rod, himself.

Excited fans.

If I would tag this on Facebook, this would read, Derek Jeter. He got the biggest applauds of the lot.

None of these guys in the back had an awful lot to do during the play, but I'm pretty sure they're paid decent, so no need to sympathy with them.

That's Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez down there, batting. He's the guy fucking Madonna.

We all rose for a spontaneous National Anthem during the game.

Happy chaps at the game. Calle impressed us all with his skillfully poses.

Then we went to Stan The man's Sports Bar where Calle perfected the pose over and over, time after time. Oskar just stood there.

Stan The Man, pretty much owned the entire block, with day care centers (where I presume you hand in your kids before the game), fan stores, multiple bars, shops, etc and etc and it was thrilling to see how fans pretty much don't give a fuck about the result but are there to have a good time. Cause they partied and danced like idiots. Literally. Listen to that you hooligans.

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