Sunday, June 21, 2009

No "Lé Tour Dú Bock" this year, but some US Open

After a great Midsummer-weekend it’s nothing better than to wake up at 6am on Sunday morning. Which are always how all Sunday mornings should start. The rain was pouring down and I really, really hoped the US Open would be cancelled like it was on Thursday.

Realized that was just the glimpse of a dream and I was awake so I got up and transported my sorry ass to Union Square to meet Peter, Oskar, Thomas and Molly and off we were in our rented Chevrolet (very American, thanks) to watch some golf. Greeted by a thick layer of mud we wrestled our way through and entered the area of happenings. As we walked in jam of mud and grass I couldn’t help remember that this is what it must have been at all the festivals I never attended but so very much wanted when I was younger and smiled to myself.

Some found the mud the worse part, but as a true easy-sweater, I would have laid down in it to be relieved of the condensed humidity. Clothes glued to my body with every step. Which is always how any stroll for ten hours should feel like.

Met up with newly weds Daniel and Josefin Lönnborg (HURAAH!) and Elin. The latter showed proof of distinct skills and experience as she directed the way in hasty pace,
“The moment he has hit the ball we will relocate to green”
she ordered and acted like a proper general. A very cute general but in spite of that and the fact that I did a good effort routing and smiling, Tiger didn’t seem to have one of his better days.

Then we enjoyed our Trophy Club passes and embraced the sun when it decided to shine for a bit but Oskar and I couldn’t help to envy the Champions Lounge.
“Bet it’s ridiculous there, free of everything PLUS buggy.”
Molly told us that Champions Lounge was very corporate and we quickly relaxed.

What was most interesting about the tournament was the crowd. It was crazy. Very good crazy. They screamed, roared and clapped their hands like rampant hooligans whenever someone (especially Tiger – and Mickelson (!) did something).
“You go, Tiger – you know New York loves you brother!”
a very large man yelled but even the cheers for Tiger faded in comparison to Mickelson (is it Phil?) and he even looked teary and touched by the celebrations. This was his first tournament since his wife was diagnosed with cancer and the audience showed their immense national support. Cheesy but I liked it. Think we should always try to encourage, cheer and smile more often. Always.

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