Saturday, December 13, 2008

Economy, football and smartness

Today we’re celebrating Lucia and it will be my fourth day in a row that I’m out. It is exactly as pathetic it sounds. Having more nights drunk than sober in a week isn’t admirable. Nor is it good for your economy.
Especially when the last two evenings has started at a restaurant, i.e. drinks cost. A lot.
And then we have the huge, global economic meltdown.
But it’s a price I’m willing to pay, cause it’s Lucia and El Clásico tonight.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bowling miracle

Was at Ballbreaker yesterday to celebrate Gustaf who turned 28.
Yes. He’s a very, very old man now. And yes, I’ll keep saying so for about one more month.
Anyway, what was really important about this evening wasn’t the splendid home-cooked lasagna (I’m surprised, Gustaf!), amazingly nice company or all the laughter’s that accompanied the night all the way to the very latest hours.
No, what was really important was what happened in the beginning when we were still at Ballbreaker’s.
That with my first touch, on my first try, with the very first throw of the evening, I hit an astonishingly beautiful strike.

Friday, December 5, 2008

And just at this moment seems like it’s decided to have at least one beer. I’ll do one.
Check ✔!

Out or not out

Am experiencing some difficult decisions. Some hard issues to confront.
Thing is. Tomorrow is Gustaf’s birthday and we will all go bowl during the day and after I've striked away he’s having some drinks at his place and we’ll probably head out afterwards. Fair enough. All good.
But whatabouttonight then. Well yes, that’s what’s troubling yours truly. Should I “just head our for a short little while, and head home very early" or "remain seated" at Erik’s. continue "doing nothing".
This is to be taken very seriously, I reckon.
That’s why I won’t leave it to none other than the hands of the one-and-only-master.
Chance, what do you say, is it my destiny to go out tonight or is it by sheer accident I’ll go out?
And remember, as far as we know it, despite what anyone else says about rebirth, reincarnation and yadi-yadi, (no one in the world really remembers their past life anyway) we only live once.