Sunday, October 31, 2010

Moving today

See you in Gramercy!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

So far I haven't:

Started packing.
Dismounting the furnitures.
Cleaning the apartment.
Arranged a cleaner to come and clean the apartment.
Arranged any moving boxes.
Arranged any movers.
Arranged any truck.
Confirmed the move-in date with the new super.
Confirmed move-in time with the new super.
Received the ley to the new apartment.
Been able to tell, said super, that we want white walls instead of the ugly yellow-ish white they have now.
The apartment pretty much looks exactly like it did 10 months ago, six weeks ago or four days ago. You wouldn't be able to tell a move is en route.

Tonight is also Halloween. I do have arranged the costume for that though; Chilean Miner.
Sunday I'm moving.

We are however raging optimists here at By: Beckett. POW.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The best song for the weekend

Depending on your mood, that is

AMAZING Octopus!

Octopuses are thought to be one of the most intelligent invertebrates and can change the color and texture of their skin to blend in with rocks, algae, or coral to avoid predators. But the mimic octopus takes that concept to a whole new level
I borrowed this from BuzzFeed.

Today is Ludde's birthday!

Can you see how much we www.♡.com each other!

mmnom nom

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Habana is one of the best places in New York. Cheap, great food (corn) and awesome Frozen Margherita.

Philip is always happy. And strong.

It still looks like CF has worn glasses his entire life.

Nina is here and so is Ludde. You can also spot Rasmus if you squint and try really hard. You can also see what a Strawberry Margherita looks like here. You stir it yourself (it's such a weak spot for me to be able to stir flavors and mix them myself that I instantly regretted my choice of a regular Margherita). 

It is the best corn you will ever have. Fact.

My Ninja Name is 'Mirishikiarichikato Zukumimekuchichi'

 BOOM. From BuzzFeed.

Lamebook is toooo funny

See for yourself here if you haven't already.

Probably fake - but it felt awesome to watch the first time

Bear Orgy

As bears do.

One of the most beautiful and saddest songs

Now in an up-tempo version. Reminds us a lot of Bonnie Prince Billy. This is a great compliment. Only Billy is slightly happier and hornier. Will is just heartbroken. We love feel for him.

OK. He's good.

Even though it feels a little too cheesy and Bieber-isque to actually like, it's hard to neglect talent. Nothing heart-pounding or eye-moisting, but good stuff. Let's see how big he can be.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to draw an owl

First Ever Photograph of a Human Being

This photograph of Boulevard du Temple in Paris was made in 1838 by Louis Daguerre.

That's your guy. He's dead now.
From lovely PetaPixel.

All Hail the Black Ninja Assassin

People Are Awesome

The fuck is...!??!

By recent favorite I have seen the whole of Internet.

Yes! I am!!

Just chatting with Sorry

Have to pee

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nom nom nom nom & nom


Thankfully he doesn't look like the kind of cop that could potentially be tempted to take a few on the side to pay off the mortgage or a couple to spare for his retirement

Jon gets a Special Mention in the Best Halloween Costume Award

THIS is the most beautiful woman in the world. Fact.

I might have been a bit over-excited yesterday when I proclaimed Natalie Portman as the most gorgeous woman on the face of the earth. She still is (is that makes sense - it does if you think about it). But Kate is special. Special in a another special way. She's my first response when asked "who is a good looking girl to you", or "who is your type". She's the one.

Let's get into Halloween mode with this classic

Ratings & Reviews of the best Halloween costumes

Dinosaur Man Cage
We start with the Man Caught by the Dinosaur. Pretty fockin good. We like the cleverness of deceiving people into thinking that that costume itself, isn't really the man in it. Or something like that. Bonus points are sadly off for what seem to be a practically impossible way too pee. Still,  a good solid ★☆

YouTube Drunk Guy At a Party
This is really clever. Witty. Funny. Intelligent. This is simplicity in its best form. The sheer fact that he's not even dressed, merely being himself and commemorating our Social Media generation only makes this epic. Extra Bonus points are collected for both embracing - encouraging - drinking and being dressed as yourself. A well deserved ★★★★★ as it is the jury's stand-out favorite. Or as we'd like to put it; Like.

Midget Costume
We like this because it's so, so simple but most and foremost how much it makes fun of something we're usually not allowed to make fun of. Or, not too crazy actually, hence midgets are teased all the time in movies and shit, now that I think about it. But we do like to be political incorrect and kick on someone whose laying down, or is at the height of someone laying down. Ouch. Bad pun intended. Bonus points are not given since it simply comes in too many forms and variations (Google it and you'll see) which takes away a lot of its originality. It gets ★★★☆ though, as this is rating the best costumes.

I myself will come as a Chilean Miner this Halloween. Not political incorrect enough to be provocative but couldn't be done next year. So I'd like to perceive it as very contemporary.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Storm arising

National Animals

I love this series by New York Times

They have Joseph Gordon Levitt, Katie Holmes, James Franco, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Crus, Charlize Theron, Will Ferrell etc and etc. And then they have Natalie Portman. By far the prettiest, most gorgeous woman on earth. Full stop. End of discussion.  Fact.

And she's clever, smart too. Your dream girl.

Watch the full series here.

Beard with me fellas


Paris vs New York in posters

See more from here.

Someone* just got his Starting bla bla paper for the NYC Marathon - BOOM


Let's say hi to Jennifer Lawrence


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Philip Crangi is a jewelry designer

He's also sporting one helluva badass look. Dang!

Damn it, I found another one by RRL

If it wasn't for the darn reason it costs just about shy of $1000 it would never leave my body.

I'm on a Varsity jacket scavenge and I think I might have found one

Or two. I definitely want both. Thank you Gant by Michael Bastian, let's just hope you're not going to be too pricy now ey.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Party in the stomach

Weekend's coming up and we all know what that means. Yup. A party in your stomach. And everyone wants to get in.


WOW -->> ☆best of the internetz☆?!?

As dogs do

And for what-not

Sometimes just adding a few extra words make that magic magical. From here.

Water boiling time

"The water is broken!" LOOOL

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Banana timeline

"How fast did you say you were going, son?"

The most advanced weapon evaaaa

Not amused

From fuckyeahdementia!!1! of course.

"You wouldn't run a marathon in a pair of these, but they're pretty much perfect for everything else."

Those are the words after the shoes I'm supposed to run the Marathon in, got reviewed in GQ. Now even though GQ isn't your Men's Health, this do cause some concern in my head. I'm absolutely mind-fucked. I've bought my Nike Free Run this summer, in order to break in them in properly for Novembers's Marathon. And so I have. See, the shoes are totally different than any other running shoes I've ever tried. (That's sort of the point too, but we're getting there).

Scientists have discovered that the usual - normal - running shoe is bad for your body. Actually, our entire running technique, that I'd guess 99% use, is bad - wrong - for us.

Heal hitting the ground first is immensely bad for us, as it break up the entire body and your knee takes the shit. So scientists realized that we should hit the ground with the heal last and developed a new running shoe built for this (it has no air, and is pretty much very much nothing more than a sole - hence the term Barefoot Running, which is also the point).

But after a few months of developing this new technique (which I'm still learning) I read this shit in GQ and my world is about to collapse. In an act of desperation I tried today to go back to my old running shoes. The ones with air.

Now I'm no Usain Bolt here, but jeee was that a big difference. Didn't know how to handle myself. Should I heal down first, or continue with my new running technique, but utilize the bigger softer Air shoe?

I'm just mumbling now, but wanted to ventilate my concern about this. It's done. I'm fucked.

Something of the weirdest, cutest and most brilliant on the YouTubez

"Come here, come here, i love you"

"His name is Alan"

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My imaginary friend is Fabio

It's all about perception

So we all know how difficult it can be to grasp some things. Like a million vs a billion for example. But if we transfer that into time; seconds to be more precise, we end up with this result:

A million seconds is 12 days, while a billion seconds is 32 years.

NASA in the news