Friday, February 27, 2009

Absolutely brilliant

This is the best, best, best clip I’ve seen for a long time. But I’m not sure if he proves my point or talking about me, though. Hmm.
“How quickly the world owes him something he knew existed only ten minutes ago.”

A stroll away from the 1800th century

Needed to see my bank so I took a leisurely walk there in the lovely, crisp weather. Arrived quarter past three. And apparently banks live by the very same dated, absurd agenda as they did hundreds of years ago. According to bank people, they don't need to work regular* hours, o nooo! How would that work.

I get eerie chills just thinking about it.

*Nothing insane here, just normal, healthy decent hours. Like you and I.

Technical issues that leads to human collapse

Realized I lost my digi-pass. Meaning I can’t access my interent-banking. It’s completely disappeared. Like some weird gnome has stole it and returned to his side of the world where other gnomes probably worship it and try to figure it out as I type.


In the same phase my iPod has escaped. Maybe it discovered it doesn’t need me anymore. That it’s so full of wonderful songs it can just chill wherever it pleases. Perhaps a tropical island somewhere. Hell of a lot nicer and warmer than being stuck, freezing to my arm while I soak it down with sweat on my runs.

Can’t say I blame him.

Stress, stress, stress

Campaign site goes live today but you could think it’s an impending Dante’s inferno here. Add the right sound effects you’d have a serious Bourne-flick.

And all I do is sitting in my corner, neatly dressed in my cerise shirt and black-and-turquoise striped sweater, typing away on my keys, humming the day away. La-la-laa.



Two things made me furious about milk today. And yet, I love milk; few things match a refreshing cold glass of milk.

First time I yelled out loud in despise, second I clinched my fist in a wild, silent protest.

It started when I was half-listening to the TV morning-show, and they were reviewing films. The unbelievable idiot, so called movie-critic, Ronny Svensson* delivered his comments on the boipic Milk, with Sean Penn as Harvey Milk. He decides that the best thing to do so is to spoil the whole movie by giving away the full plot, end, and everything that happens in between. I don’t care if it’s based on a true story and “we all know what happened”. I didn’t. So fuck you, Ronny.

Second time was when I went to the coffee machine to have myself a lovely cup of coffee. And someone, (really hope it was the one before me, and not from yesterday) hadn’t rinsed the cup you use to steam and foam the milk in. Some weird milk-leftover was left there. Smudging the edges like a white whore.

God I’m glad I only sound upset.


It’s crucial to keep a harsh discipline

Like, always make sure we know what day it is.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Guess who just had an entire cinnamon-bun. Thank god I never laid my hands on that candy... Restraint like a hippo.

Have a candy. Just one

We have a huge bowl of candy here at the set. To describe the willpower* it takes not to taste one is…not hard, more impossible. So I’ll let you left alone to imagine yourself.

*Worth mentioning is that this is a guy who swallowed an entire Ben&Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie yesterday without much of hesitation.

“Have a seat, fatty”

Imagine your not-slimmest guy. Not fat. But a guy who focus’ on his charm and charisma rather than his looks and steel-abs at the bar when he picks up girls*, comes up and asks you if he could sit down next to you in the (crowded) sofa.

And you rise and say, “No worries, mate, I need to walk off some extra weight anyway”.

*If now that’s his preference – who am I to judge!?

Upload issues

I am at a shoot the whole day. I’d love to share some photos but unfortunately my (new) phone doesn’t like to interact with my laptop. It refuses to pop up and enable me to access its images. They’re stuck on my phone. Locked away forever, perhaps.

Same thing with my iPod. Won’t pop up either. "Jesus, Christ", you think and immediately feel sympathy with me.

Thank you.

But this even more annoying than the phone. Hence it doesn’t pop up – it precludes arranging whatever content on it (music). Imagine running to the exact same playlist the entire time with not even the slightest possibility to change and arrange new ones. So I run with “random” with the whole music-library shuffling around. Now imagine being stuck with some old (bad) music choices on your run.

To add to the fun

Just had two cookies. My internal-body-armageddon is about to implode.

I make myself feel sick. Absolutely SICK

It’s been two days since I last geared up in tights and paced up. During that time I have: eaten a whole Ben & Jerry’s (yesterday), been driven to work (600 meter, also yesterday). Conclusion: barely moved (the entire time). Jealous anyone, or do you need to see me on the beach this summer. DOH!

How sweet it is to run

I like this. And no, I don’t care that it’s fake. A funny idea is a funny idea. If it makes you smile...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

And Boom.

Just because I spotted light (football).. something else (work) came and shut the door. DOH!

Worrying is boring, and whatever bores you can’t be any damn good for you

And complaining is at the top of my all-time Top One-things-I-dislike-list..
So we’re obviously gonna watch the game tonight.

Real Madrid-Liverpool and Chelsea-Juventus. GHA! Great games never end.

Can’t decide which one to watch, so I’ll just keep a hawk-eye on one without letting go of the other.

When panic reach tranquility

You know that feeling? When you’re cramped with work. Trying to do a little bit of everything at once, not really finishing anything before dwelling into the next project with a hawk-eye on the next without letting go of the another.

And then. Calm. Stillness. The soothing feeling of absolute relaxation, and most of all control. You’ve managed to steer the ship away from the waves and safe to shore.

That feeling?

Well, I’m not there yet.

Extra brand-new flavors

Extra, who usually do chewing gums (- that are good for your teeth, (ti-tink-tink-tink*, anyone?) are now expanding their portfolio by creating a more diverse range. Tapping in to a product range where they haven’t been at all before.

Latest is creating the same style of pastilles as Läkerol have (who own on the market in this field). Problem is, Extra is really good at producing new flavors. Läkerol aren’t. They’re stuck with fewer interesting flavours, with Salvi, which of course still is the best flavor of all pastilles, as their prime, and saviour.

But – they don’t have the good-for-the-teeth profit that Extra have in their products. Not sure if it’s in Extra’s pastilles as it is in their gum either to be honest, but then again, you lost me ad ti-tink-tink-tink.

*Please tell me you’ve seen the commercial, or else this makes no sense and isn’t even remotely funny

Latent sickness

Don’t think I’ve been truly, fully hale and healthy for a good couple of years. A latent cold is always somewhere in my body, hiding, sometimes thinning, but never retreating.

Should probably get my ass together and do something seriously, like see a doctor and try to get rid of it once and for all. But then again, should’ve probably run today and not lazed off in bed too.

God I miss him

And of course Dave does so too. For you, Late Show - Farewell to "Great Moments in Presidential Speeches".

Didn’t even walk

Things are drastically heading south now. This morning I didn’t run. Four hours of sleep made me laze in bed instead and when my brother asked if I wanted a ride to work. "Well of course", I said and jumped into the car*.
It’s approximately 600 meters to work from where I live. And I’ve barely inhaled a single breath of fresh air today.

*But can honestly say it influenced the fact I wasn't late for the first time this season

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Now – football. After – back to work.

I’ll feel totally fresh and invigorated tomorrow. But it doesn’t matter; it’s that tension in the air.
Something wild is about to happen.

Royal marriage

Big ba-da-boom in Sweden. Tension about the big game was loudly interrupted. Media-coverage here is exclusively devoted to the news that our crown princess and her farmer are engaged.
Sweden's royal farmer* and the crown princess

Journalists are terminating vacations, published magazine-editions are canceled, reproduced and people are fanatic.

This used to mean a lot. Like, who would run our country and lead our young, brave men to war against Russia, Denmark and other foes.

What it means today is more diffuse. Just that we’ll soon have little farmer’s princesses and princes running around the castle. In other words back to the fifteenth century faster than you can type Google.

* Whatever - he'll never be king.

Tension in the air… from Milan to everywhere

I reserve the right to be keyed up to biblical proportions for the game tonight.

Fat Tuesday

Today is the famous Fat Tuesday. It means it’s the first day of the year you’re allowed to feast on the bun Semla. It’s almost like a National Holiday. And on the news* today I heard that the average Swede eats four Semlor a year.
I’ve already had three.

* Yes, Sweden is exactly as tiny and constipated of itself as it sounds like.

Reset alarm

Woke up at six. Was so out I couldn’t even comprehend where I was. Cramped fingers, tiny pupils and a body in complete shock immediately tried to reset the alarm two hours later. Everything trying to work together in a lose/lose battle to get some more sleep.

By the time I was done, I was wide-awake.

Might as well go for that bloody run then, I said to myself and was actually in time for work for the very first time *.

*A complete fabricated lie. But I wasn’t the last.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Blood on the toilet

Took a cheese sandwich to endure a late work-shift. Visited the restroom and there was a small but clearly visible bloodstain on the toilet when I got in.

Girls, I thought to myself and shook my head.

Walked back to my desk and as I was about to type on my laptop, I noticed a bleeding gash in my index finger. I had cut myself on the cheese-slicer.

Boy, I thought to myself and shook my head for the second time in a minute.

Immense relief

Accepted to go on this conference-trip on Wednesday. I did it without thinking or giving it, even the slightest reflection about the imminent Champions League.
Today it was cancelled. Can't say I wept.
I’m almost appalled by the whole notion of someone trying to set up something like that on a day like that.

Seeking calm

Before you think that I think I bring you on a oh-exciting-I-don’t-know-where-this-story-goes journey. Let me tell you that I know don’t’.

Yesterday I returned home. Played some (loud) music, watched TV (quite loud), ate some ice cream (barely noise) and chib-chabbed on the phone a lot (could be loud, been told I’m a “loud speaker”).
"Good my brother (roommate) ain’t home", I thought as I proceeded making random noises.

Then this morning when I came back from my run, there he was. He had been home all along. Nicely sitting in his room, not killing me for being a noisy brat.
Gotta love him.

Is someone trippin or well-acted hoax?

Either way - Letterman rocks.

"What can you tell us about your days with the UNA-bomber?"

Same, same but different

Just stroke me. It’s the identical obnoxious, unsatisfied feeling after eating a hamburger as finishing a pizza. Who has ever felt content afterward? It's a very unrewarding feeling.

Instead of feeling a slight frustration at the Academy (Mickey, anyone!?)

We should obviously be happy that they recognized Heath the right way.

Burger and burger. And burger.

Was at O’learys yesterday. Watched some football (duh) and had the Boston Celtic BBQ Cheese burger for lunch/dinner/sole meal of the day. Some béarnaise accompanied it and a delicious greasy hung-over Sunday was completed.

Present time. Super-busy day today. Erik goes to buy lunch.
"Burger anyone?" Well, if you’re going anyway.

Tomorrow. Biggest game in football history. Where? O’learys of course. Wonder if they have clams with tartar sauce or if I’ll go for the burger. Again.

Guess I won’t be needing a fat suit next wrestling season.

Big game tomorrow

I’m so, so scared. We’re only in the first knockout round and already are the ultimate game between two ultimate teams on the agenda. Champions' League, Inter-Man United. To say I’m excited is neatly put it a severe understatement (let's not even go into the other games; Chelsea-Juventus, Liverpool-Real Madrid etc etc GHA!).

Although it’s quite sad they face each other now actually. Would be so much more fun (or is right the right word) to see these teams in, say a semifinal. Same thing happened last year when United defeated Barca in the same round. And on their expense are other, really shitty (boring) teams qualifying. Team's that no one, except their own hardcore fans, feel even remotely keen about. And if we're unlucky enough - have to watch as far as in the finals (i.e. Monaco-Porto - didn't even watch it).

"But that's the beauty of football", I hear someone - same hardcore fans as above, perhaps, mumble in frustration and with no real world concept.

But this is more of a match between two intellects. Sir Alex, and whom I think will be his successor to his post, Mourinho. They’ve had their share of clashes before, usually with the latter going home with the biggest grin afterwards.
Hence I’m so terrified.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

It feels better now

As quickly and strange as it arrives it also goes away. Or fades away, cause it's never perfect. Don't think it should be either. Must always have somthing to strive for. Something to perfect. Where else's the point?

That hangover feeling

When your body responds to things that haven’t even happened.
A restless unease
Your face goes in spontaneous twitches every now and then. Expressing kind of a dislike look, I guess.
Should do something to get it out.
I’ll just ride it out.
It’ll all be good when it’s over.

"Endure, master Wayne."

Why Swedes will never succeed. For real

One word: attitude.

"Fax it over"

Neat. Place it in the case, enter number, press send. Wait. Wait. Wait. Do it again. Done. Just when you thought technology was taking over our whole lives it’s nice to see the return of the hottest thing from ’85.

Obviously cheating

So divided into two tables, where the three best at each one qualified to the Final table. But if you weren’t one of the six. Well. Then poker evening was over. Fun night huh?

Friday, February 20, 2009

I had no idea my FB statis would be a prophecy

Translation: Christian Heiner Beckett is very soon poker champ.

Poker night tonight

Twelve guys, one table, one winner. Strategy is slick. Tactic since last time, polished to perfection. Line of attack, crystal clear. All-in.

‘Nough with the misery


Indefinite time

Met my always-special person today for lunch. As always, she looked lovely. Once I thought she would be my wife. Now she’s leaving indefinitely for London. She will do great and excel beyond there. And I will miss her. Already do.

We need to start smooth today

And this is a perfect way to launch it.

One beer #2

Here we go again. What’s wrong with today’s discipline? After the movie it was all set to return home. A little bit of TV, some ice-cream (perhaps Ben & Jerry’s ?!), and a early evening, wake up refreshed and start today with a glorious morning run.
Not out, beer, drinks and late, late, late.

And tonight’s the big poker night at Erik’s...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Become a Fan on FB?

And no, raping doesn’t mean anything different in Swedish either.

Translation: My name is Robert "Melor" Idström. I am 27 years old and live in Gothenburg. I've had music around me for as long as I can remember. A couple of years ago it was most raping

Afraid to ask (!?)

Thursday means pea soup accompanied by pancakes. Obviously I only wanted pancakes. But as I approached the counter my mouth froze, hypnotically ordered the full set and sat down. Quietly stirring the bowl of soup with some contempt. To the soup of course, but perhaps more at myself.
Next time…

Shave/no shave

So. As a follow up from the last post. What has this meant to a person’s face, one might think. Well. Someone hasn’t had a proper shave for a couple of weeks that I admit. Just a random trimmed, half-neat/half-wannabe-sexy look.
Ok, sleaze ball.

Grand theft razor

Lost my Gilette razor a few weeks ago. But I’m sure I didn’t lose it. It’s just gone. All gone. Despite the “mess” I have in my room – it’s still an organized mess – I know where I have things and if someone else would change/move/remove anything I’d notice (and it would mess up the whole organization/orientation).

Ok, so we’ve settled a third party broke into my room and stole it. Fine.

"So buy a new one", someone thinks out loud, clearly unashamed of his or hers lack of intelligence.

- I don’t want to buy just another Gilette-razor. Why? New arrival in stores today – it’s the Gilette Fusion Power Phenom – and I loove new things/flavors/arrivals/etc/etc. Can you even imagine how impeccable my face will look after some strokes with that puppy? I can’t. But dying to find out.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Someone sent me an email. “Stay hungry, stay foolish”, she wrote. Bells rang but I couldn’t place it. I couldn’t place what I knew is one of my favorite quotes.

And of course it’s from the Stanford Commencement Speech. Something you should pretty much watch, say, once a day as inspiration.

I KNEW it would happen

Damn it.
I no longer have this distinct compulsory-urge to constantly listen to KOL.


What strikes me the most about the trailer of Frost/Nixon is that they use the same unbelievably great score by Clint Mansell, from the always-underestimated film, The Fountain. My ears can take hours of that with immense ease.
Same thing when Lord Of The Rings used, yes same Clint’s, score from Requiem For A Dream, (no, I don’t care if Mozart composed it). That Clint is one hell of a Clint.

I'm sure it's a great film btw.

It's called a Turkish Shower

You don’t want a strange (ie pure, natural and thus far disclosed) odor to follow you to work. That’s why I turned around this morning after I’d left home to return and put on some fragrance.

And that sums up a piece of shared information even before we dwell into the fact that I didn’t do my run this morning (ie no shower either then).


The place where I spend my hours makes me puzzled. I’m not sure what hours they have here. Sure something says nine to five.

But who ever do that (except some here at the office)?

Usually you’re the last one at night anyway. And didn’t a really smart person say that work-hours should be individually shaped. Meaning, if you’re a morning person you’re very much welcome as early as you wish. And for those who prefer to sleep then (obviously meetings and appointments and yadi-yadi-yadi are excluded of course) can come in whenever they wake up.

As long as you do the work you might as well be in Bahamas (they have internet too – yes, they do).

I’m scared when I come in five minutes late (seldom) and horrified at ten minutes (standard). I’m also too scared to ask. Or is it that I couldn’t be bothered. That my soul, perhaps isn’t here, but out ----- there. In the big ‘ol place called abroad.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A perplex review* of Slumdog Millionaire

Some have seen the trailer I guess. Looks amazing and makes you want to see it and hope for your own destiny to come knocking on your door (or a TV-show to call), doesn’t it?
The film is good. Even, occasionally, great.

But I was one of those poor souls who did watch that stupid trailer (amazing trailer as a trailer though). And despite the film is being setup the way it was – you knew what was going to happen. I mean we’ve seen films jumping in time-order/years/between-stories before – it’s not that. It’s the way the trailer is setup against to what the film delivers.
I don’t want to see scenes that standout in a trailer and wait for them to come. And when they haven't – you know it will come – cause you've seen it in the trailer and it is no surprise anymore. But the movie builds it up as if it is suppose to be a surprise.
It annoyed me.

What made me really go hurrah though is the way they reinvented subtitles. Now who says they should always be perfectly aligned white text on black? Hurrah!
But ok, it's beautiful. She's stunning and cinematography - isn't the very best - but good enough to make me smile and remember it.
I want to see it again.

* More of a comment on the trailer vs the film, I guess.

Ok, perhaps not so "hot"

So it’s not a real gala-premiere on Thursday. Apparently that happened last night. Guess I won’t be seeing fat Swedish celeb’s then.

Something I should perhaps know – my friend were the designated driver to take the Danish director to the theatre yesterday.

Funny story here.

When the director saw that one of the stars of the film (Noomi) had a white limo waiting to take here there, and spotted the car he was supposed to be driven in – he simply refused to sit in it. "No way I’m getting into that one – she, she’s got a white limo", he perhaps said. Even funnier when we all know how comical an angry Danish sounds like.

And my friend drove there alone.


Going to this “big movie premiere of the year heckdecade, on Thursday. The first film of the Millennium trilogy about these fictional characters Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist who solves crimes and yadi-yadi-yadi; Men Who Hate Women.

Everyone’s super-excited and can barley sit still. All they want to do is chitchat around someone’s – anyone’s desk and express their expectations, thoughts etc etc. Where even gonna have drinks and food here with everyone’s spouse invited (yep, going solo!) as a “get together before”.

I can mildly say that I couldn’t care less. I have a really hard time with these kinds of movies. These Swedish movies. I hate when Sweden goes half-Hollywood, but hard-hit lands somewhere where they wish they were close to Bollywood.
Two-hours and forty-minutes nap on Thursday coming up. Nice.


Ever had one of those meetings where you think you meet for the first time, but your counterpart surely recognizes multiple encounters. So you play along.
And smile.
Perhaps act like you are on the same page. But you know the entire you, looks puzzled. Keep telling yourself, not to talk or ask too much, what if “you’re supposed to know this”. Probably come off as a slight retard with no social skills. A puzzled retard with a smile. Could be worse I guess.


A few bricks of Lego, a little bit of passion a slice of imagination add a stint of naiveté and woolah. And that’s all you really need.Watch it all from hero, Christoph Niemann.

Dave loves them too

Listen to, and especially for Dave – wild enthusiasm, at the end of the song.

Monday, February 16, 2009

There is something about this trailer…

Something that amuses me more than the regular horror flicks.

Hamburger Menu ‘09 (wtf!?)

Bought a Hamburger menu at the local grill. Returned with a burger and a Coke Zero (hell if I’m gonna gain excess weight just because it’s lunch) but no fries.
Turned out it wasn’t even included in the so-called menu. Well. Where and when did I miss all the big changes here in the world?
Luckily enough we still have KOL.

So very weird

Woke up outrageously tired but got the up same time as always. Did my run and for some extremely peculiar reason I noticed I was back half-an hour (!) earlier than usual. Great. Maybe I’ll be in time this morning I thought and smiled.
And yes, this is a very rhetorical post, so there’s no “surprise” or “punch-line” to this story, as I was exactly as late as I habitually am.

Nevermind it’s Monday, we’ll always have KOL

I can’t stop listening to them. It’s one of my many flaws. I let it go on stupid repeat until I (almost) hate it. I do it to all, everything and everyone. Very much all-in, if you ask me.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Lunch today

I can see myself having something completely reckless.
That, I can admit.

Just because you assume someone is a Polish prostitute doesn’t mean you’re right

- So, where are you from?
- (Unclear response)
- Huh?
- (Unclear response)
- Eh…I’m sorry, where?
- Småland!

So nice

It’s great I’m not hangover at all, nor tired and wanna go home.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


It usually strikes the way it did just now. Hard. Ruthless. And without any notification.

It’s one of those days

When all you want to listen to is this.

I’m winning the Olympics

I always fly high when I run. A diverse hero, rescuer, multiple-time winner of multiple-different events/sports/activities, etc, etc. I've been it all. A lot and often*.
It keeps me motivated, something to strive for (you never know…) and gets me out of bed.
But lately I’ve been having the same occurring dream. I win the Olympics on 10 000m. Obviously finishing the last 200m faster than Bolt’s record time (that is only shown in replay when a very smart commentator/producer decides to match our runs against each other).
"Wow amazing! What a finish!"
The thing is, it still happens in Beijing. I’ll be 31 when London goes off, and that doesn’t really do it for me.
27 is good. "The impossible triumph by the unknown 27-year old Swede."
And I personally take huge pleasure of winning in front of fanatic Chinese on the stands. But that's just me.

* always.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Never seem to learn…

Damn it. Didn’t do my run this morning. And yet again, I feel like Officer Jim Kurring in Magnolia when he’s lost his gun.
I feel like a fool.
And another yet again – not once have I ever regretted that I went for a run.
But always regret the ones I don’t.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


It doesn’t matter when you go to bed. Really. An hour here, three there.
What matters are those crucial minutes before dawn.
Everyone knows that.
And today I went up half-an-hour earlier than usual, “because that’s what we do every Tuesday”.
And all you can do is put a big smile on that face and go, “lovely”.


It’s my most favorite word right now. But it sounds even better in Swedish.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Örebro mania

Big brother turned 30 beginning of last month and decided to take the boys up to Örebro to celebrate it all.
Kicked off with Paintball (humiliating team) and Sumo wrestling. Back to the hotel and der sauna+beer for some and football+beer for others (moi). Followed by dinner and nightclub.
Never saw a smile leave anyone's face.
But just before dinner-out was a go, we all gathered in the hotel-lobby to give Staffan his birthday present.

Friday, February 6, 2009

We sure?

Double check: ✔

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Just as I put on my shoes with the plastic shoehorn I reflected about the absurdness in breaking it – while thinking about breaking it.
The loud crack quickly interrupted further thoughts about the subject.
I decided that from now on I would only think about living in NYC instead of this very, very snowy Stockholm.

Up at dawn

Was out way too late yesterday (yes, Riche ) and only caught a half-decent four hour sleep.
But did that stop this new reinvented runner from completing his run this morning as a glorious comeback from yesterday's ’s disaster-decision? *

*It’s a very rhetorical question.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Didn’t run this morning

And I’ve felt appalled by myself the whole day. Like this burning ache that doesn’t leave your body. Or it does, but you keep scratching just to annoy/remind yourself.
Terrible decision.
It will never happen again.
Or if I manage to do it after work today – I might consider it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Did I mention what my horoscope read about this year?
In very short summary for you who haven’t read about the constellations in last year's edition of Klick!
It’s my year.

O, I’m sorry

Did I drool?