Thursday, September 30, 2010



From fuckyeahdementia!!1!

Now who said it couldn't be done?!

One month ago my head was clean as a baby's bottom. That's also when I realized I was going back to Sweden today for a wedding. Wedding requires a proper hairdo, so I started growing it back. The race against time began and Project Hairdo was initiated.

Day 1.

Day a bit later.

Day even later.

Day later than the other ones, and what we call the classic Mon-chi-chi hairdo.

Day when you actually, with good trust, could start imagine something taking place up there.

Aah. I remember this day. First time I actually kinda felt something about my hair.

OK. SO this pic actually don't make it justice cause I just got out of the pool (first time in forever - god dang it was exhausting - swimming isn't something you get better at by not doing it). But you just have to trust me when I say, I can honestly call this piece of lawn, for a hairdo. A proper hairdo. Project Hairdo, win!

Bon voyage!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Whenever you're ready, Doctor

Loose cannon

Deep Throat on Varick St

It was a murder in my building last night

Kinda crazy and a little scary actually. Now even though I wasn't really near the homicide itself nor even heard anything, I kinda was near fatality actually. You see, apparently the murder happened on the third floor. Our laundry room is on the third floor. Guess who was doing his laundry last night. During this time. (Rhetorical question).

4-1 to 4-6. Football is amazing. Unless you're a Leeds fan, of course

Leeds 4 v 6 Preston 28/09/10
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another By Beckett logo!!

The old puppy

The new puppy. We can clearly see the color change (it's much brighter now; we like that) but also the font. Less artsy, more stylish. We like it.

As always, it's a mess creating this. But in the end, damn it's worth it.

The line between me and a really awesome designer is getting more and more blurred. Soon; vaporized. Poff. Just like that.

Japanese synchronized dancing is mental

More impressive than we want to admit, I know. But it is insane.

From BuzzFeed.

This is physically painful to watch

Australia's Next Tope Model final - announcing the winner. One will lose. One will win. But sometimes, just sometimes both win, but one lose. How can this even be possible? How can this happen. Wow.

M.I.A. at Terminal 5

So Tove calls me ast night and says she has a aspare ticket to M.I.A. I contemplate. Dead tired and I actually only know one song with her... Aaah fuck it. Let's go. So we go.

First up was some Rye Rye hip hip girl. She was alright, but the funniest thing was easily her three dancers. Three not too overly coordinated dudes in matching jeans and tees. Cute.

Then we met up with Anna, Clara and Jesper upstairs and watched the rest of the show.

We could see much better from downstairs where Tove and I started, but Jesper insisted this was his secret place.  Not convinced.

She's a crazy girl who strips during the show and has what I like to call Attack-Music. It's great. Aggressive, but niceee.  

I sneaked up here to for a better view. You're welcome.
Then she invited everyone up on stage and rocked Paper Plane. A fine way to end a splendid evening.

Monday, September 27, 2010

White Trash ♡

Pablo, Karin, Alexandra, Louise, Jospephine and random dude at Pablo, Felix and Mark's partay last Friday in Williamsburg.

Dancing girl coffee cup

Bam. You see here, right? From here.

Rubiks Cube Pixel Art

Crabzilla - the largest crab ever caught

A mighty fine crab. All taken from here.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yesterday we went straight to karaoke after Bessie's

King Hampus had brother Rasmus in town, so plan was to do a re-cap of, what is still one of my best nights in New York. Last summer was the first time I met them, and it was at this bar during the day and then we never parted for the evening. We ended up having a full-day of absolute madness fun. After the bar we went to a BYOB restaurant where Hampus' girlfriend, Monique + friends joined us and after that we went to karaoke. Epic shit. No one can party like the Thofte brothers. So yesterday was suppose to be the recap.

However Fredrika was having her good bye drinks at Bess, so I "had to go there" first, which was a bliss, but I was very eager to go and meet the brothers, so after a while I ninja-exited to the karaoke place without passing a club (win!). It was just grand and before we knew it the whole place was full of people, cause everyone wanted to sing and everyone did sing until the morning came. I know this cause suddenly I find myself alone on the street outside on St Marks Place wondering what the hell happened. A pizza slice (two actually) later I took a cab home. And that was that.

So mobile phones just got a bit cooler

If you want to be happy, be.

- Leo Tolstoy

Friday, September 24, 2010

Pac-Man Moleskines!

From - boom - here.

Enter at your own risk

Heeeeeere we go!! Ffffffock it's nice

Watching Kate Moss (♡) in 3-D

It's much easier if you, like displayed by moi, wears the awesome 3-D goggles. Even tho it's the prettiest woman in the history of Universe, those puppies do make the experience slightly more worth it.

Freeeesh herpes!

I'm thinking about buying a cap

This is Ian's Mighty Ducks cap. Not sure what I would get. Probably start with a Yankees one and then escalate. Not Ducks-style, but maybe some other cool thing that shows I', so retro I could die.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

This is Jed…

From BuzzFeed.

You simply need both

From none other than ---> Indexed.

Joaquin Phoenix comes clean

We've been waiting and wondering. Now we can feel a bit foolish for wondering.

Part 1

Part 2

There is still hope

Video of the day.

Big ass lightnings but no thunder

I mean it's still frickin' hot and kinda weird weather in general. We had the tornado the other week but it's also suppose to be 31°C tomorrow. Hot and thunder storms.

Note: I snapped like 40 photos to catch the lightning. Easier said than done my friend, easier said than done.