Monday, November 30, 2009

40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes

We need to kick in December with some sort of salute. This ought to do it. Next thing is something cute. Cute coming up.

Absolut Brick

Portraits of Power

An interactive portfolio of portraits by Platon of world leaders, with commentary by the photographer. I found this very very simple and nice.

Skateboard out of dust & smoke

Wizard Smoke from Salazar on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


One of those things you love to see; not necessarily experience. CLICK for more gorgeous lightning photos.

Washing FAIL

Ok. Just instigated my first laundry here in my new building. Feels very eerie. Well, first it felt annoying; hence I (we; everyone in this building) have to pay for it. No one mentioned that – not even when I persistently asked many, many dumb and inane questions about the laundry procedures. “You don’t have to make a reservation? No, not at all? Funny. In Sweden, laundry hours are the number one reason for arsons, murders and arguments at large.”

But they cleverly avoided all those remarks about paying procedures when running through the washing procedures. Basterds.

So there I went. The place was clustered with people of course so I quickly acted as if I knew exactly what I was doing. I always feel the impulse of doing this. Instead of asking a friendly question (and hitting on a hot chic, who knows; possibilities are endless down there) I rather cruise along. Pretend that only retards do this. That the rest of us are better than morons asking questions.

And by doing this we pay a very simple but dear price: getting our clothes back shrunken. A lot. You see, we don’t have a regular drying lines/room/whatever. Only regular dryers. We all know what dryers love to do to our most precious clothing’s. Yes. Fuck them up big time. I did put my delicates in the dryer, pressing the delicates key/mode. Yet something tells me US dryers have a different opinion than I to whatever delicate means. All due to my overly judgmental/skepticism regarding American's taste in fashion: oversized jerseys here, ill-fitted trousers there, completely no fitting clothing whatsoever everywhere – they are in relentless pursuit of not looking good (succeeding quite well too). We can expect a full need in replacing my fav’s in the coming week. Good thing Christmas coming up. Mom, first time in fifteen years - wish list coming up.

Hew was a retard.

Thin Blue Line – the thin line of Earth's atmosphere and the setting sun, shot from ISS

CLICK for NASA page/view.

The Sunday that never came…came

This Thanksgiving weekend has been…strange. First, it was my first weekend since coming back to New York, which felt, good. And exciting. Secondly, it was a long-weekend, with Thursday and Friday off.

That’s when I realized that everyone (i.e. everyone) leaves town. Or, leaves for another town. The one where their long lost families and relatives have chosen to reside in to get overloaded with food, leaving New York very much in the Vanilla Sky and I Am Legend kind of mode and me in a weird, wow this is cool seeing this city so empty, kind of mood.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and finally yesterday’s Saturday all came. But never were there any sign of the Sunday. The one you expect after a weekend. The one you’ve grown custom to. Which felt both weird and great. Mostly nice.

But eventually, it did come.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Three days ago

Last Thursday to be more correct. I took my jacket off and had lunch outside. As it should be on November 26.

Here kitty kitty..

Cardboard Art

Hands down and big up kudos to sweet-pie Jon once again. I like to nick stuff from him. Or, exchange things as I'd prefer to see it. But enough with the tickling of one another. CLICK here for more cardboard work.

Damn it

And I who was so, so proud. Had barely touchdowned again before my dream/fantasy/bliss was shattered by the crack of daylight in Sweden. Have always had the belief that getting a lot of visitors is one thing (hint; not the hard part) it's obtaining them that is (i.e. the hard part, if you weren't catching my drift). So. Back to inanity. SMILE.

Friday, November 27, 2009

It's HUGE!

Linked from my beautiful and wonderful friend Sandra and ka-zaam. The blog has never been 'bigger'. I, of course, take the other option and consistently persuade myself it's due to the insanely interesting inanity going on here. Didn't even know the scale had up to 400.

I literally said to her: ’I heard you are good at sucking cock?’, and then I added: ”So are you?’.

These are the words that former (fired cause of this) Norwegian Figure-skating coach said to some girl, Maren Haugli, in his squad/team (whatever they refer to themselves as). This is his defense. What he wants the world to know was said, instead of "false accusations and lies" about him asking her for oral sex. Let's have it again, just for the record. To clear this innocent man:
"I literally said to her: ’I heard you are good at sucking cock?’, and then I added: ”So are you?’".


Regarding the last post, this: "Useless fact: tonight is the biggest bar night of the year and more money will be spent on drinks than on gifts on Black Friday." I thought it had passed. That my chance had escaped me. But it hasn't. It's tonight. Like god has given me a second chance. Retaliation. The Revenge. The comeback. Believe a modest hurrah! is in order.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

"Useless fact: tonight is the biggest bar night of the year and more money will be spent on drinks than on gifts on Black Friday."

That statement/useless fact is regarding yesterday. The immense day before turkey, gravy, sweet potato, relatives and immenser family dinners are being consumed on Thanksgiving. What I did? Passed out. Twice. First at nine (only for a short powernap) and later before midnight. Sadly, didn't pass out due to alcohol. Oh no, I was just tired. Hello grandpa.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Awesome: Lego Matrix Trinity Help

Lego Shark

The politeness of acting like you’re game

Refilled my poor prepaid card just now and boy was that a trip. Had to be connected to the manual assistant as I completed epic fails trying to do it all digital and follow recorded instructions.

They, the very kind actually, people there are really…mm good at talking. Their mouth won’t stop. One breath one million things said in one minute. After a bit of too many “eh, what” I realized this was going nowhere and I tried to only focus on listening after her rare pauses.

“This aught to be my cue”, I thought and jumped in as soon as it sounded like my turn to talk. Minimizing my damages I constrained it to simple, “yes” and “ok” only to finish it off with a very ballsy “Thank you very much, you’ve been most kind”. But of course she went for that with claws and open jaws as she shattered my nerves with another huge sentence of wishful greetings, approving confirmations about my prescription and overly informative sayings about god knows what. I need a nap. Thank god for Thanksgiving coming up.

New Avatar Trailer


UPDATE: This is how it looks like. This maze I try to manage through. X marks start/goal. Dots mark the route.

Since I moved to financial district I’ve experienced the other side of Manhattan. The one without the grid-pattern. It is completely impossible to find your way between these narrow, short, long, twisted, randomized streets surrounded by tall, tall buildings without getting lost. So yesterday morning, on my first run I brought a map. It made me look like a fool, but it did save me though. Today, I felt like taking the next step towards citizen and looked like an even worse fool, as I pitifully wanted to cry, as I couldn’t fin my way back.

Mass We Pray

If the last Palin video didn't convince you, this one will. Americans are utterly and complete insane. CLICK if you don't believe me.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Not sure what purpose it serves. But then again, does it for real? Or it might just be in honor to MJ. Cause we have to admit that my close-to-Jackson face looks pretty darn dandy.

Star Wars: A New Hope Lego Chess

For more juicy chess/Lego pics - CLICK.

There's HOPE for America with Palin at the rudder

It's brilliant. Best part is they don't even know they're part of it. Or, second best part, cause best part is that no questions/answers are by no means altered/modified. This is what Palin's supporters think/act/say, or should we just say, know.

Office Scavengers

Arrived back in New York yesterday. Safe and sound. The smell of New York in the morning was fantastic. Then quickly ripped off by the airport cab (why oh why are you so damn lazy that air train, its $8 and 20 min ride wasn’t sufficient) and to the apartment (first time!*) before I headed back to work.
Had planned my opening in detail. How and what I would say was carefully thought-out. And shattered the minute I walked in as Liz, our dear receptionist wasn’t there which interrupted everything.
Nonetheless, seeing everyone was great. We hugged. Then I carefully placed myself behind my equally carefully emptied desk. There was nothing left. No computer, no monitor, no headphones, papers, pens, no nada. Gone. Caput. Like foragers they had carefully cleaned my desk for everything. Snitched and old computer but feel curious about the whereabouts of my own, old one. With all my personal stuff on. Headphones were obtained today but have installed and reinstalled Microsoft Office a couple of times now and should be running shortly. Feels great being back i the USSA.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Air Moonwalk

If it's real, I will never quit bowing in its honor.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

3.1 h of sun in November

The sun is radiant today. Feels great and everyone in Stockholm is out taking a stroll. My usual route, which is practically empty, was absolutely - annoyingly - clustered. Tackled more innocent grandmas and powerwalkers to make my path than I thought possible. But I (kinda) understand them. The fact that the sun is out is very rare in Stockholm. Until today, the sun has been visible for 3.1 hours in November. Jealous?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Google Street View - stop motion

What the power of simple stop motion and quirky jingly music does. Making lé big brother effect feel less intimidating.


(Personal fav)

For more interesting and nice forest-art, CLICK here.

Mad Men fonts

"The show starts out with stylish opening titles featuring glimpses of real ads from the period—and a clinker: What’s Lucida Handwriting (1992) doing here? I usually consider the titles to be outside the world of the story, but considering all the period cues in these titles, this typeface, which was designed specifically for computer screens, is out of place."

"Then there is the Gill Sans (c. 1930) problem. Gill is used quite a lot in the series, mainly for Sterling Cooper Advertising’s logo and signage. Technically, this is not anachronistic. And the way the type is used—metal dimensional letters, generously spaced—looks right. The problem is that Gill was a British typeface not widely available or popular in the U.S. until the 1970s. It’s a decade ahead of its time in American type fashions."

"Here is some hand-drawn ITC Kabel (1975) and, I’m pretty sure, Bookman Old Style (1989), one of Monotype’s ITC stand-ins."

"Whoops—Zapfino (1998). I guess they use Macs."

I like this nerdy-font dude very much. Best thing about nerdery is that people are so consumed about this, whatever it is they're so passionate about. CLICK here for more handy font/typo thingies.