Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Love this Doberman more than words can describe

Doberman Likes Water Slide - Watch more Funny Videos
(Almost as much as crocodiles). Almost.

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Hanes: Designer of the day

Good morning, mate

It's a little too simple, but I just can't stop laughing.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Breakdancing is always a kick-ass way of dueling off

Next to gun shootouts from the Wild West, of course. You can't really beat gun-duels. And you'd probably lose. So next annoying thing is - who the hell won?

Always respect the croc

You had to be there

From heaaaa

Funniest you'll have for 7:37 today

Liquid Planet

Waves. Simply beautiful.

Penguin Cat

Hands full

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Trailers that move you

Looks so damn remarkable and biutiful.

It's shaping up!

Can't blame them for working fast, but it is coming together nicely.

Neil Bloomkamp's teaser for... yeah what?

District 9 sequel?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

New wallpainting at East Houston/Bowery

No more red tags.

A special one for hero Caruso

It's Thanksgiving weekend

We're happy we don't spend too much time here online.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Best you can watch todat


Not much, you?

Innocent eyes

The subtle art of a) blending in with the audience b) a producer with slow-reactions

Audience Member Blows Chunks On Live TV - Watch more Funny Videos

You know this song, right?

Mr. Woody for you darling?

Give 'em a second. Contemplate about it. Mr. Lightning coming at ya. FIRE. Mjau. A Big Chop Of Wood Heading In Your Direction., baby. You see? Borrowed from here. (Now imagine also a gay-festive with fire and wood, intense huh).

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


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NOTE: Two things. They are not in sequential order. And this one is more the dog. Come here puppy I love you come.

Internet in a nutshell

Without this, where else would we be? What else would we do? (Ignore the questions-marks we are all rhetorical here).

So I took a photo yesterday


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Meanwhile in Omaha

May the Force lift you

This is IN his house

WTF dude. It's like one of those scary movies that when you watch you really don't believe. "Yeah sure those creatures are able to build that home inside your house without even noticing. You have to be retarded, or jus disgusting to allow that to happen." Addict or not.

Charles Bronson Killing Hipsters

This is very funny, partially* cause it's true.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Nic Cage loses his shit

Internet meets movie gold.

Minimalist Superheroes

Some are easier than others...

Click here for bla bla bla.

Draper's wishlist

From my new fav site The Clearly Dope.

Best is almost the guy at 0:13 who has time to celebrate and get disappointed within a second

Ludvig & Philip & Co's last night in New York

Friday was Ludvig, Philip and the rest of the Berghs crew's last night so we went to Café Cubana. We were a huge party that almost filled up the entire space of this splendid little Mexican restaurant that had a lot of beer and mojitos. "Wonderful", we said.

Ludvig was so happy to leave that he had to text about it. That's Markus in the background. He's new here. Some leave, some come. You learn that here.

Three major thugs. Don't let them in anywhere.

I'm very pleased about this picture of Sandra, think she looks adorable. What do you think, Ludvig?

Thugs again. See?

They had great Hanger Steak-something. Most of the lads took the Hanger Steak Sandwich, I took the Hanger Steak Quesadillas. Nom nom nom nom.

Tover, Erik and Maja was there and finally Agnes and Jeremy showed up. Phew.

Then we met up these fella's and some more. They're not "together". Officially that is. (I'd say they are, but it freaks out both of them. So cute).

The only logical thing to do for us was obviously to karaoke, so we did.

I think everyone sang. A very splendid karaoke-session actually.

Philip, Ludvig, ye will be missed. Come back soon.

This takes balls

Remember how it was called Whole Car and it was something we talked about doing in admiration. Then it was the epic thing of doing a Whole Train. Pretty much considered impossible. And that was on a train that was out of order. Not while running in traffic. Impressive punks, impressive.

Oprah’s Audience Goes Insane

Otherwise perfectly normal and somewhat sane middle-aged women caving in under Oprah's Favorite Things. It is beyond doubt something of Television's absolutely finest moments (is it one or often this happens - I have no idea?). People don't have to be serial killers, lunatics, have a low IQ or anything else we can easily label as mental. They just have to show up here.

UPDATE: I think this is all from one show. ONE (1) single show. Wow.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010

Joe Biden on Sarah Palin

Very funny. Hilarious to be honest.

This is Stan Lee

Creator of Spiderman, X-Men and Wolverine, in case you're not geeky enough to comprehend epic humor.

Greg Jennings - look at this nigga

"Fuck you gumby"

Meanwhile in Zimbabwe

Ludacris' Territory

Nice and quite mind-blowing

Cinematography is mind-blowing. Watch it in fullscreen. Who could believe that a guy from Wales who "never sat out to become anything in particular only to live creatively and push the sky of my experience for adventure, and for passion" would make this astonishing piece. (Rhetorical questiona).

Open our minds and ou hearts to the world.

DARK SIDE OF THE LENS from Astray Films on Vimeo.

Kings Of Leon at Madison Square Garden

I've been dying to see them live. The only videos I've watched are live ones. And they always perform the shit out of their crowd.

As the stadium was getting packed, the anticipation was getting tense. 

You knew it was going to be a good night.

And BOOM. Out of a red smoke cloud they came on stage.

And rocked the shit out of New York that night.

Fairly nice to see a show that, in all this Lady Ga-Ga and Britney Spears spectacular nonsense, was pretty fucking straight forward.

Hit after hit. Fairly small talk and then hit after hit. Repeat. Caleb was God at the Garden.

Then, just like that the show ended and we went out.

Exactly when I spotted this hero here in checked flannel shirt with cut off-arms over his worn long-sleeved tee. He was a row beneath me and couldn't stand still. For a  single second. It was awesome to watch. Yes, he was pretty wasted.

First two vids are Someone Like You

These puppies are Sex On Fire