Thursday, March 31, 2011

Focus on the bottle for 20 seconds

You probably need to click on the image to 'enjoy it fully'.

When you just don't give any sort of fuck

I love this dog. And envy him.

Like a retarded wheelchair boss

Nope, no questions your honor. Carry on.

What wait?

You think I don't have anything better to do than to post this? Well I like it more that it has the beautiful stock photo wrap.

baaah baaah baaah

Lamb chorus on demand.

All I want for Christmas is

The missing link from my otherwise almost perfect life playing WoW in my basement late at nights. Every night.  

"imagine a green field" "am up tae ma knees in fuckin cow pat"

It's obviously awful etc to laugh at this, but I also dare you not to.

Just a little

In 3...2...1...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

man / woman

There you go, prettier than ever

Not even retouching needed.

Match Art

Holy crappers. Two questions keep coming back when we see this: Who makes this?! And who makes this!?

Not gonna speak for all men here, but...

Uhm. You're ad was less specific.

oh, good times

And people watched movies on VHS too. That you had to rewind after you'd finished them. via

oh stop it.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I... I like it

Also reminds us of two things: Julian Casablancas is a too good name to be true. Fabrizio rocked those drums before but now amps up his style one gazillion times and cements his status as one cool fuck.


Or I won't move a single fuck to stop you.


Makes me curious for two reasons. What was he gonna make for kind of dish. And does cat also taste like chicken.

Ahh that one always cracks me up, ain't that right Charlie?

Perception jiggle

Mine too

Your face when you realized that ctrl+shift+T opens the last closed tab.


If this is true.... then it messes up a lot in my world. Two of my comic-book favorites... not original. Fuuuu. Worst part is that I don't really know what to do. Like, does it really affect my world or am I being a drama queen cause it's still early and I'm going to do my first Yoga Class ever, ever. I don't even have a yoga-matt!

Monday, March 28, 2011

how to help japan if you're a girl

For the girls how to help Japan:

1. Go to a party dressed slutty.
2. When a boy ask for your number grab his phone.
3. Text "Redcross" to 90999.

Boom just gave Japan 10$.

Someone should #1

Design a trashcan with Obama's face on (or as him) and in big bold types:


It would sell like beer in Texas and shit.

Glorious day for dog-boarding

From jon the man.

Dogboarding from DANIELS on Vimeo.

Welcome to the jungle

Well played Mr Rose, well played. Via our friends at Sober in a nightclub.

"NO effin' way dude!"

You don't wanna know what she'll do when her husband passes

Or what he'll be made of. Maybe paper that comes with chop sticks and price tags (preferably from his wedding suit, so he'll 'still be present').

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Revenge with happiness

Chuck is a clever dude. Also wrote Fight Club.

Instant Ramen

Friday, March 25, 2011

This song is not your usual partay Friday tune

But still amazingly surprisingly good. Listen to it. Yes, do it. DO IT.
Given to me by Gold Star member Sofie (just realized Spotify had an 'inbox'). Thanksssss Sofie.

We both sat, on our beds, in my room.
And we talked about what was coming soon.
All the (pink powder) wont cover up what we did.
Doing wrong when, we were just kids.

And I think that you're the older brother,
that I never had.
I wish I could reach out and touch you.
Dont worry, i'm not sad.
I know you're just where you want to be,
and everyone's a hundred grand.
Say you wont stay for me,
say hello to your dad.

I will look after your sister I swear.
I'll write her when she's lonely, and send it off in the air.
I will keep her safe, until i'm dead.
She'll always have a place to rest her head.
You dont have to worry about it now,
you dont have to live with that frown.
I will hold your memory close to my chest,
though I wish you hadn't said it was best.
Could you have stayed just one more night,
for all of us to say good bye.
But i'll love your troubles and i'm gone,
you still feel so damn warm.


I just died. Twice.

It might seem long

But it will doubtlessly be the best 6 minutes and 49 seconds of your life. You're welcome.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Messes with your brain a little.

Bread stamp

Lenny had it all planned out

Right between the discount beans and the out-of-date-leftover-bin with random shit he went down on his knees. He even got it on film. Geddit!.


Wait what?

fuckin' Garfield

One of the five funniest things I can think of if I had to choose right now what my five funniest things are.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yes baby baby, there is still hope in Hollywood

But we already knew that. Transformers 3 comes out soon. Ha. Hollywood  wins once again. This one looks sooo right.

It does

Elizabeth Taylor tribute by Paul Newman

A legend about a legend.

Elizabeth, thank you

You were quite fascinating, remarkable and the last (?) Hollywood star, worthy of being larger than life.

Cat orgasm from belly rub

Genius pussy.

What you bought

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Heath Ledger as the Joker skate boarding over Christian Bale as Batman while they take a break on the set of The Dark Knight.

YES. Case effin' closed. No need to search anymore. You won't find anything cooler evaaa.

Alien pez


In case you've doubted that chimpanzees are clever.

Don't use your phone in public places

Or this might happen.

At the dawwwn of creation

You Me Oui

Kiddo Ludds found this one and suggested it was something for me. Hrrmpff. Not sure how I should react to that if I should be offended or... Naaah. It's genius. Cheers and get your own heaa.

It's almost too clever

Cause it's very clever and I just can't believe I haven't seen this before?

Small/large large/small

Adorable. Is it true btw that big dogs aren't necessarily aware of their size against smaller ones?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Today's number one dog image of the day

One of my most favorite images from the world wide web today. Just look at Lucy, just been grand facialed by Snoopy and couldn't be happier. Not a worry in sight.

Well if you did THAT

In today's society this man has a very long and prosperous life ahead of him. He will be king one day. Maybe even of his own very little state.

Danny is the man

I mean, how hard can it be?

And on the other side of the pond

We have Britain's largest bull. Now you wouldn't even believe this if you so saw it with your own eyes. But I see it, it's right theaa. Yeah but no, you wouldn't.

Like a douchebag

Dog Dressed As Watermelon, Eating A Watermelon

Yup we're off for a good week.

Tah dah

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ignore the annoying music

And you're gonna love these Red Pandas playing in the snow. Nawwww.

A touching moment between father and son


CatchKuma Pedobear Hat

Best part is definitely the description:

The Official Pedobear Hat. Get The Girls, Impress Your Friends, Conquer The Playground!

Get your heaaa.

Kid like a boss

Best friends for life

Before and after.