Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First time live, now live for everyone

This has of course nothing to do with Tokyo, but on my last day in Shanghai, I went to Nike for a presentation, and our film was showing on a big screen in the lobby.
Which was cool to see it on something larger than a 12” laptop.
And today when I visited Nike.com.cn, it sure was there, along with the rest of our stuff.
A proud moment. Lydia, Weiling and Veronica almost shed tears. And proudest of them all, the main guy, Dean Wei:Too bad I miss the whole thing live in Shanghai.


Just realized that when I walk around and greet Japanese everywhere, they must think I’m a confirming retard.
Hence I haven’t learned the much-complicated “hello” (kon-nichi-wa - try to say that and deliver your next sentence without messing things up), in Japanese, I simply say, “hi”.

Another day in paradise

I was more referring to Phil Collins than the city, but it works either way.
Look, they even make road—constructions festive. Decided to uncover new areas around Tokyo - trickier than you expect, especially if you have to keep as straight line as possible when you walk - but thought of a Japanese proverb "you must sometimes get lost in order to find new ways".
And walked where billboards shine and people crowd - forget whatever I've mentioned here before about 'calm'.Discovered, what Japanese call*,"The hidden treasures of Tokyo, behind busy traffic and noisy tourists".Here is a place to have dinner, I thought and went back a few hours later when I was hungry, and managed to sit down at the only empty restaurant in Tokyo.A bit of a disappointment, but then again, fuck it, I was happy a moment after when I noticed H&M (almost felt like home!) entered and it was nothing like home (H&M is really popluar here).
– A loooot of Japanese inside and a long queue outside.
Only to discover this fascinating store. I felt blessed, and got, disappointed, at the UNIQLO store, it didn’t quite reflect their communication so to speak.Then I went home again!

*No they don’t.

How about this crazy little fucker!

Monday, September 29, 2008


Anytime you feel the urge to either drink or just a smoke, a vending machine is never further away than a glance.

Tokyo vs Shanghai, 1-0

China have their animal-years, Japan have cats and dogs

Ok, that was terrible and I apologize. But Tokyo has been flooded today and it hasn’t stopped pouring down for one single moment.Went for my Imperial Palace run, before I knew it was raining, which is great btw, and when I had showered, dressed and left the hotel with an umbrella they were kind enough to lend me, I knew where I was going.
I had seen a hot dog place on my run.
But first I took a coffee at Starbucks and watched how even Japanese got drenched outside the window.I sat for a while read about one of my all-time role models, P.T Anderson. Whom I actually thought had directed more than the only five movies he’s done (I know he hasn’t, but it just felt so little). But if you have Magnolia, There Will Be Blood and the ludicrously good, Punch Drunk Love on your merit, there’s not a lot to prove anyway. Why rush things?
He has always lived under his, sometimes extremely cruel motto, anything for a shot.
And though our shared interest in devoted ambitions keeps us secretly unified, and ingenious minds like his keeps me motivated, it is the way he captured the grand, Philip Baker Hall to his first film that truly inspires me.
When Hall got his first script for a short-film, long ago, he said the story was great. "But the most impressive thing was the writing. It wasn’t just good. It was dazzling."
Ambitions set high, I aim for such verdicts.
But then the urge to freeze in the rain grew to big and I walked out.Met this lovely fountain and jumped up on a wall to grab some pictures just as I started to realize mobile camera doesn't quite capture the essence of Tokyo.A department store emerged between the buildings and I entered with great relief (it's actually cold here!).
Spent another few hours there and realized I hadn't eaten anything yet (the hot dog place must have been an illusion, cause I never found it), and ordered a sallad (wow, how gay of you chris). Read some more. I have really missed the time to just read.
Anything. As long as it's good. A dazzling text is, of course, preferred.
And later walked home again. In the now darker, yet always bright, Tokyo.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tokyo Dome City

Took the walk across the bridge over the highway that separates my side from the marvelous Tokyo Dome City.
They have a museum, bowling hall and hot dog inn amongst others. I found the museum to be the most intriguing* and entered.
They had all the arcade games I thought Mtoya!! would have and more.The kid behind the guitar hero was fantastic. I'll post a video I shot of him, soon.

* Actually I found the bowling hall most exciting, but felt a deep urge to skip the mood of feeling too alone and possibly out-stared.