Thursday, April 30, 2009

Foamy latte and massive fire

Just as I got very talented foaming the milk in the espresso machine, I moved. Here they have another piece of appliance and I’m not sure if it’s cause of the pond dividing our continents, the language barrier or something else completely outrageous, but the milk doesn’t get top-notch here. I use all my skills; bending the cup, shifting angle, delivering a very strong effort indeed – I assure you. But it just makes weird sounds and kinda heats up and fizz the milk a bit. It annoys me. Anyways, soon beer. I’m about to celebrate Valborgsmässoafton, as we call it in Sweden. Tried explaining it to some at work, but think I lost them somewhere in between huge fire, really wasted and telling May-lies.


Realized how they don’t really play the game of “Smurf!” here in New York (not sure about the rest of the US though). Mark walked by and we both said the word, "simultaneously" (what are the odds on a word like that – scary, I know) at the same time and I yelled “SMURF!” as quick as I could.
Beating him by sheer knockout. Boom.
Only thing he kept talking as if the rules didn’t mean anything.
Keep your mouth shut man. Haven’t granted you speech-access and said “Mark”. Americans, so funny.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We should always hug mor often

Finally – hat!

Been passing the store, lurking in, giving indecisive stares and when they prompt me with questions I’ve quickly shrugged them off. But now, I took the decision of ignoring Starbuck’s (that means no latte) and continue on the side of the street where my not-so-friendly Chinese works. In. Paid the over-price he asked for. BUT. Kaa-ching. I look like a million bucks*.

*Chosen perception.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Six months in one week

Took me about a good five-six months in Shanghai to accomplish a full-nighter. And now, within my first week in New York I’ve already pulled my first. Very questionable and mellow hurrah! Or hurrah. perhaps.

Bea and Pam

...and why this becomes so much more fun too

These little fuckers are just starting to feel annoying/creepy

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Friday, Saturday and Sunday (slice of Monday too)

First week here’s been slightly insane. A lot, a lot of work, add a dose of jetlag, and sheer accustoming to new lifestyle, co-workers and roomie. Which have all been more than awesome. Just stating obvious.

So days have been quite repetitive; wake up, run, subway (starting to get a hang of it and I’m really trying to look as casual as possible riding it) work, more of that and then home. All with laughter and a minor hurrah! too, of course.

So anyways, Friday. Leaving work around midnight and seconds away from entering the subway and continue my recycle of days, when Oskar calls. "Big roof-party downtown; free bar, you – cab. Now." He had me at free bar, so the yelling was very much insufficient to be honest. Went there, did a decent effort of getting hammered, even entered mysterious clubs by taking elevators down, sneaking in hidden tunnels underground and greeted by cool bars. Felt very hip. More bars and then home to my overly soft air mattress.

Walked around entire Manhattan the following day until the battle between tight sweaty jeans and sore feet began. Called it a tie and took a cab home. Later back again into town and dinner with Oskar and Calle. At a very gay-ish place and by the stares we got I think we were considered as either “lamb-dish” or a delicious dessert to some.

Sunday. Laundry; tried explaining to the annoying Chinese that some of these clothes are not to be ruined, i.e. wash in too high temperatures, but she just screamed me off, telling me “she knew laundry, I can go”, so I did. Back to the office, where, Brazilian 1&2, Aussie and I have been all day and now pushing into the nightly hour.

O tried to bargain for a hat I really wanted, at one of the street vendors. Wasn’t the same approach/greeting as in Shanghai, so I left empty handed, laughing hysterically to myself at his outrageous price, only to discover that I’ve dreamed about that hat since. Damn you, cheap Christian, damn you!

Friday, April 24, 2009

When drinking never happened

Still at work. Never got that far. Still longing though. A lot.

Friday contemplating

Does first Friday in NYC mean first time getting wasted here (this time)? I’d like to think so. Probably a lot of work whole weekend, but who says you can’t work hung-over? No, really who says that? Communists? I believe the best work is made severely drunk. Amen to that and cheers.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Homesick? Mohahaha

and part due

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Huge miscalculation/disappointment

Have had my eyes locked on this cookie-jar for a good 8-9 hours. Every minute’s been a struggle to resist the desire to have one, just one, I’ve also clapped my heads in a silent applause to each second passed without caving in and the magnificent will power performed.

And now as I suddenly decided to quit-resist the craving I didn’t even had to open the damn box before I realized I had developed deep-affections towards an empty jar. Damn you, no cookies.

VERY inspiring action


I-Movix SprintCam v3 NAB 2009 showreel from David Coiffier on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just to clarify

Why it isn’t as many/funny/interesting updates here now. Not that it has ever been, but that’s besides the point I’m trying to make. I am sitting with my back against practically everyone at the entire office. This makes me not wanna:

a) check my Facebook as much as I shouldn’t.
b) check Twitter as much as I want to.
c) write inane updates about nothingness on my blog.

Most importantly cause I feel that I’m doing something wrong. Not necessarily that I am.

But we all know what happens in the States when you do something wrong. You get shot. And then dumped in the Hudson’s. Or go straight to prison without getting that one free phone call (or if you're lucky you can make it into your glorious parting double-Twitter-Facebook-update). Guess you can compare your dislike with lack of updates now to then instead of silently complaining.

When Stockholm isn’t sufficient

Go to NYC. You’ll love it. Curve up the Brooklyn Bridge in the morning, greet the construction workers on your way up – and don’t forget it on your way back. Discover you haven’t been anywhere near the Brooklyn Bridge, “but Williamsburg Bridge”, and notice how you couldn’t care less.
Try to find the MJZ line on the metro after you’ve located the actual metro station itself. Buy a coffee, or Venti Latte, at Starbucks and why not grab a crispy hot, dull bagel too on your way.
Get lost on a straight stretch. Ask a friendly overfed cop for directions, obviously waiting until the sociable driver and he has exchanged their usual courtesies, “What’s wrong with the traffic today eiy!” and the standard answer,
“Jersey man, Jersey”.
Carry on and find your new office. Hope for a greeting ceremony but expect a chair, desk and a pile of work. Continue to smile as you realize life is smiling against you with his biggest grin.

Sometimes not even NYC is sufficient…

Friday, April 17, 2009

Soon, beer

Splendid sushi-lunch, outside in the lovely sunshine, with my favorite person. And now, as each second is ticking forward, closing the gap in rapid speed between last day of work in Sweden and eternity, it’s actually soon time to take words into action. Preferable just now.

It’s funny when a simple touch becomes funny

But this Star Wars / MacGyver opening only makes me think of the cartoon “Gummi Beers”. O well. Soon, beer.

Ok, so perhaps not so similar after all, but that's besides the point.
Back to; soon, beer.

Ridiculously over-excited

And yet, I sleep like a baby. Doing my chores like a proper maid – I even packed my suitcase yesterday. And now that has messed up a lot of things, hence I can’t find a single thing when I need it. With still a few days in town, maybe I should have waited. But then again, waiting is for suckers. Worse thing in life, besides complaining? Regretting, of course. So let’s not. Missile-pace up, up and beyond. Hurrah! Life’s feels great today.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

cool stuff...

Coming together


Let’s see what today holds in store

Very eerie feeling. A little bit too many things can go haywire. The sun is hiding, no run, up way too late and even lied yesterday. Wow. Haven’t told a proper lie in a very long time. Haha – of course I have. Gotcha.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Flight booked!

"Do you want to be able to cancel it in case of emergency/death(!)?"
Hell no. Hope to never return! Biggest HURRAH! So, so happy.

The highly anticipated return!

Hurrah! It’s difficult to go wrong now. Things are brilliant and excessively going straight forward/up (depends on which direction you prefer as good, of course). Paula is chatting to me every morning and every run feels better than the previous. Sun is smirking and I haven't eaten candy in about two weeks.

And now, just ---- now ---- when I needed to charge my iPod – it popped up on my desktop! And before you yell, hurrah, in chorus with me, please know that I was damn close to buy a new one. Not being able to change/add music has been quite heartbreaking. And now I don't have to. Yeeiy.

But now, Kings of Leon, The Killers, Darin (yes, him) and many many more/others. Did I say I’m finally leaving Sweden this weekend? Forever I hope, fingers crossed!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sober without knowing

Or at least deliberately doing it. Took me to yesterday to realize that I hadn’t been drunk all weekend. Not a single drop of alcohol. And no, we don’t count the Easter-dinner last Friday where beer and wine was consumed, we just don’t.

Terror on Elm Street

When Sweden’s true football pride, AIK, traveled to the deep, hidden forests and farmland of Sweden to defeat defending champs, Kalmar FF, their fans followed.

To make the most of the trip they wanted to pull a prank. So in order to disturb the sleep and preps of Kalmar FF’s superstar, Rasmus Elm, they went very late at night to his house and rang the bell. And when the gentleman opened they shouted on top of their lungs, “AIK will win tomorrow, woohoo!” and ran off.

Too bad it was just the wrong Elm’s house. But I’m sure, Alf Elm, age 75, was surprised and hopefully somewhat amused.

The reason why AIK has Sweden's best fans.

Aouh. Adorable lady.

Monday, April 13, 2009

All stressed out – but in a funny, good way

Trying to do multiple tasks at once*. Should/can I leave this or next week, where to stay, what to bring, what to need, what to pack, not to pack, what to pack and put away in the cellar, what to pack and have sent over later...and so on and so on. And all I do is watch funny clips on YouTube and random checks on Facebook of course. Ho ho. Silly me.

*Usually not a good idea.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I've given up candy. Yes, you better believe it. The reason I'm convinced it'll work this time is that I didn't decide to. It just happened. Anyone whose ever been addicted to the venoumous sugar-rush, knows how it works. As long as you've managed a few days without, you'll probably be fine. It'll come back of course, but then it's only persistency between you and the poison.

So anyways, this ought to have made me into a better, healthier person, one might think and feel the urge to check for chiseled abs. EEEH. Sorry, wrong.
We forgot the substitut. I'm now a big consumer of "Exotic Snacks, nature's own candy".

Chocalte covered nuts, berries and a vastvariety of all sorts of coconuts (!), mixed with other yummieness goes into the mouth and down to the belly.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Habla si porque?

A few days ago

Actually I saw this a few weeks ago and on a personal level I feel two things. Firstly and foremost, I love it. Secondly, it feels like I’ve lost. That I didn’t share this puppy before and now I’m just a follower instead of the prominent leader. Doh! But either way it's brilliant.

Happiest day of my life

And there’s no other really way to celebrate it than to watch the genius behind the Shreds. He’s Finnish. Isn't that just hilarious?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Stomach twist

This is awfully awkward to admit. But my stomach is literally twisted and if it sounds funny it feels weirder. There’s no other way to describe it than this. Twisted stomach.
It feels like your abs is tilting to the left. But then I realized the lack of any and killed that clarification to the issue. We’ll leave it to that and see in a few days. Maybe Easter will solve the matter.


Gotta love the sheeps

...tele2, who? mohahah

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Very weird or just slightly fucked up

Tonight the quarterfinals in Champions League set off from its break. Man U will crush ’04-winners (and that years’ Man U-defeaters), Porto and I will be happy.
But it’s so very weird. I’m not totally locked down in my football-activated mood. Not to the extent it makes me fully content.
Spring is here. What’s wrong? Weather is perfect. Every woman you see looks gorgeous. Everyone you meet smile. magnificence was accomplished this morning. Excitement fills the sky. It’s disturbing. And quite, worrying.
Hope new-comer Macheda will sooth me with another amazing goal. Just don’t wait til’ the very last minute again, please.

To anyone who might (foolishly) doubt that Old School is the funniest film ever #9

What do you guys like better?
Nurse or cheerleader?

Hi, Nicole.

Hi, Frank.

It's a nice doll you have there.

Yeah, thanks.
She's okay.

Fake/old/whatever – still makes me smile


Things are absolutely brilliant now. And allow me to impart* about my run this morning.
It was so, so beautiful. Accelerated before I even knew I had decided to. Flew across the field of grass, caressed the bend like a gazelle pushing off, away from a hungry lion herd, sky-rocketed along the waterfront and I think I left a trail of smoke behind me.
It was sheer magnificence.
Checked the intervals. All good. Better than good. It was the third day in a row I’ve heard Paula, but today was by far cause of the most appreciated reason. What can go wrong now is beyond me**.

**Knock on wood!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Double drop/lost of belongings

This weekend went slightly out of proportions. Started with the very successful/fun costume party, Uniform and ended with a bash very late Sunday morning. My George Washington suit didn’t have any form of pockets of any kind, meaning nowhere to put my keys, wallet and mobile. Erik was my man of the evening as he promised to keep it for me.

Much later, when he left without saying I wasn’t surprised nor upset though, I just walked to his apartment and rang the bell relieved to have taken the very mature decision of having a spare change along with my vital belongings at the hands of a trustworthy friend. Someone you can rely on.

Worth mentioning now is that my borrowed shoes hurt so much it was unbelievable, I was literally almost crying and ready to lay down and die, or at least amputate my feet. Only the effort of reaching his door was by the sheer, soothing knowledge of comfy Nike kicks waiting for me inside, ready to walk me home. And a pair of jeans. So I didn’t have to look like a complete moron.

Twenty minutes later I started to grasp the fact that Erik wouldn’t open and as all my alternatives of getting a ride home was there too, I walked home. Barefoot. And if anyone paints a romantic picture in their head of a Hugh Grant look-alike walking home with the shoes in his hands, whistling as the morning neared, is wrong. Physically in addition to the emotional humiliation, it hurt like hell.

Next time I’ll tell you all about how I the next day, managed to completely lose my mobile without a single trace within the premises of my own apartment while sleeping. I’m not exaggerating when I say a posse would have been needed to find it. Luckily it wasn't needed.

Whose fault

Feel slightly upset/disturbed right now. The new site is being produced now and there are always the small issues to correct/solve.
Fix that text, correct that phrase, rotate that symbol 25° to the left, no wait, go back 5°, enlarge and tweak, bla bla bla. And fine. This is what we do. All fine.
But then all of the sudden someone “smart”, discovered that the Media Agency hadn’t done their work properly, so she apologized to me and asked me politely how we could fix this late concern*. Since it’s none of my business, I kindly said, “of course”, because that’s the kind of guy I am.

*Eh, no she didn’t. All of the sudden it was uncouthly insinuated that it was my fault/problem to solve. I DON’T EVER TALK TO THE MEDIA AGENCY NOR HAVE I ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS OR EVER BEEN TOLD ABOUT THIS ISSUE BEFOREHAND.
Phew. There. I feel better now.

Worse/best part of the day

It has happened that I enjoy taking in some sort of pain/agony/hurting at moments when I probably shouldn’t. Like set the alarm for the next morning as soon as you’ve gone up from bed. Before I’m actually awake and way ahead of my run. Get it over with. Boom. Just like that.
I tend to visualize it and compare it with people who do nasty things in Fear Factor. Cruel decisions, but man enough to deal with it. Same, same.
But the very worse thing is doing it on a Sunday. Before weekend isn’t even over. When you’re in fact are still free and should fully enjoy your day off. That’s the brutality of pure masculinity.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Excitement in the sky, in everywhere

Can’t say there’s anything wrong with today. But just to be sure, let’s double check. Will parade as a spokesman of the new world tonight but can’t wait until then. We can never have enough of this right now:
You’re welcome.

Wallet free

Closed towards the office, and two minutes from, I realized I’d forgotten my wallet. Without elaborating I can admit there was a DOH! involved in my reaction upon the news.
Quick decisions came flying, go back and fetch the little fella or remain cool.
Obviously I chose the latter. No worries. And now I’ve discovered that a cheeky email is quite convenient, begging for free lunch. Mohahaha

To anyone who might (foolishly) doubt that Old School is the funniest film ever #8

At this point
you may be asking yourself,

"Why am I holding
this -pound cinderblock in my hands?"

You might also ask yourself,

"Why does this cinderblock
have a long piece of string

tied to it?"

And finally,

"Why's the other end of this string
tied securely

to your penis?"

Floating on air

I’ve been told not to tell anyone, so I won’t. But keep emotions inside is something I find difficult, so I won’t. I’m really, really, excited today. Exuberant. Hurrah! Fingers crossed now.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Animated malevolence!

how about these mean little Easter bunnies!

Getting pretty scared

This whole running thing is almost getting out of control. And this I say 58 days prior to launch and 2 days after I received the confirmation of my participation.
Not sure I will even make it. Maybe I’ll crash during; explode like a rocket in the beginning and fade out before the second lap (exhausted doh!).

On the bad news scale though; I might have to run with the “elite”. The very best, the top-of-the-world-runners. The ones who set the pace, goes for world record and achieves remarkable.
Fine I thought first, I’d just place myself comfy behind the thrusting group, drag at the back and enjoy the view of disappearing feet.

Then I was told they start approx 20-30 minutes before everyone else, “so they don’t have to get stuck in the wide traffic-jam called 'other runners'". In plain words: people will actually see and notice a poor sod trailing on his own, panting like a stung goat, alone on his way to emptiness. Big (yes loud) DOH!

To anyone who might (foolishly) doubt that Old School is the funniest film ever #7

you're all going to experience intense
mental and physical strain.

[screams:] D-ahhh!!

Frank, just pace yourself.

Oopy that. Just got
a little overexcited. Sorry.

Love, love, love! Absolute love

Thank you BBH Lab and gizmodo. And if you click* on gizmodo or the pic, you'll see the full time line of almost every Lego-character ever produced. My gosh! Best thing ever since sliced bread. Memories. Affection. Love.

*Just do it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Think we should pretty much always listen to this:

or this version:

Data visualized

This is good. I like this. Not only cause it shows that we need to develop on all platforms in order to extend and deepen our, always very naïve (sometimes rather stupid), request of wanting people to interact and converse with and about our wish of subject, but also.

The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest 1957

George Washington

Friday is the big Uniform party. It will be a marvelous evening and ladies will look like nurses or coming straight from your wildest Jane Eyre fantasy.
This I don’t hope, I expect.

Early on my brothers and I decided to dress as a group together. We’ve been in choices ranging from the Beagle Boys, the Three Musketeers to around spaces where Sailors, Yankees from the civil war thrives to finally land in costumes that just resemble each other. From the same era.

Stefano will be Napoleon, and if you knew him you would yell, “spot on!” T-JR will be “Valentino” whatever that means, and I will wear the pride of George ‘ol Washington’s.
I will look exactly like this.

Also sweet

Not fully as sweet as the sweetest thing though.

Waay over my head

Got it confirmed today. I will indulge into 42 195 meters of sheer pleasure soon. I write “soon” cause I don’t even have a clue when I’m suppose to run this race. 59 days left and I haven't spent a single day practicing ahead of this.
Thus far, I hope.
Big, loud, yet mute, DOH!