Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I took a walk

And as my feet kept hurting I kept walking. Not even flinching an inch to the pain and much less caving in.

The consequence of having too-tight new shoes is horrendous. They will hurt your feet after a while. But not directly, that’s their evil scheme from hell, “o hello there, walk with me and I’ll promise you will feel no pain”, and the moment you look away they quickly whisper ”ooo not now – but when you least expect it”. How I wish one could read soles!

But if you don’t wear them in they’ll always remain those too-tight pair of bad boys that you never wore. Wear them or not? The latter is always the more appealing when you’ve already made the decision to follow the first, which in its turn is always in direct link with the only right decision and honest insight of life: no pain no gain.

I didn't


Conversation with a clerk

- Do you have ice cream?
- Yes over there - in the back.
- No, no, I mean the small ones, those babies you hold in your hand and eat straight away?
- No they haven’t arrived yet.
- Arrived yet or you don’t have them?
- Yes.
(Quiet yet very judging gaze from me)
- So you have them - but they’ve just run out of your store-supply, yes?
- We have package ice cream.
- I know. I saw that. But I want to eat one now. It’s sunny outside! And I’m asking if you have those puppies?
- We have lot of different package-ice-cream-flavors in the back.
(Back to gaze)

That close

Knew I was in a rush. Always am, but this morning felt a lot more hastily than usual.
As I sprinted out and across the first field of grass I noticed something different. I had power in my legs, confidence in my mind and, because of my own time-delay, the need to be fast.
It was beautiful. So fast. Like a rocket launched, a cheetah on the hunt, a man with a goal. If there was an audience they'd be absolutely mad. Glad to have been there. Witness it all live on scene.
New PB coming up.
Checked my interval-times several times and that felt even better; confirming my quest for rejuvenated glory. Destiny was on my shoulders cheering on, clapping hands, screaming "go faster, harder, stronger". This was it. Nothing in between what was soon to be mine and myself but...myself.
And so it ended. Yet another story that failed to deliver. A boy that came close, “o well at least you tried”. Crushed by his own imagination. Defeated with a silent DOH!

Monday, March 30, 2009

To anyone who might (foolishly) doubt that Old School is the funniest film ever #6

- Sorry.
- Don't say sorry to me.

You let down Frank, you let down me,
you let down Max, most importantly.

And right about now,
I'm having a real hard time
trying to figure out why I take my time out of
my schedule to try to help you get over...

Earmuffs. That whore that you dated.

Wanna go out and see the other guys?
Uncle Mitch is sorry.

Say "yes."


Best Death Scene Ever

What else is there to add? Nothing I say and will not insert another word more.
Yes, click on the image.

”Keep right. RIGHT!”

White weekend failure

Planned not to go out this weekend. It was all set. Done, deal, sealed. Had a brother-in-arms with the same plans and our perfect scheme to fool the damn drunkenness was almost in motion when something happened. Judgment and decisions emerged into picture, collided and everything went chaos. Luckily it was one of the best weekends ever. Not fully to faultlessness. But damn good.

Washing jeans

Been raised by the notion you shouldn’t wash your jeans. The truly nice and cool jeans are the ones worn to perfection. Rightly worn. Everyday. But every now and then comes a time when you have to ignore given facts/truths/words of wisdom. It also means you have to face the consequences.
I own two pairs of jeans that are slightly out of shape. They don’t fit the way they should nor the way I want. In plain words: too baggy. So I washed them. And then shoved them in the drier.
Tight ‘em up a bit!
Back to consequences. Yes. They’re tight all right. I’d like to see it as very sexy. Not sure anyone agrees.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

Brilliant. Inspiring. Admirable. All that. Too bad this year's Earth Hour clashes with Portugal-Sweden tonight. Very much too bad. I could even see myself sitting in a pitch-black room staring at…darkness (?) for a full sixty minutes. Buut. Shame about the timing. Now if you'll excuse me I shall continue doing nothing.

He lost it man

A friend of mine, let's call him "Erik", has spent the last couple of weeks trying to break up/finsih it with this girl. He even went to Mexico - and actually managed to stay clear of any contacts and (from his mouth) thoughts of the lady whatsoever. Last night he returned, a reborn version of himself and we all went out for a delicious meal and planned to party hard. Good times with boys. So to speak.
Two minutes after we entered the night club he was stuck in a deep, deep conversation with her, but I think we lost him way before that. So, so sad. Maybe he's not going to Vegas anymore. RES.

Friday, March 27, 2009


Perfect way to do Friday.

Wasn’t supposed to go out this weekend

Still not sure. Even though I was the first to respond a loud “count me in” to the invite to dine with the lads at the new-hot-spot-in-town, am I convinced.
Buuut then again – what else to do?

I might be the last person on earth

But this is just hilarious. Absolutely brilliant. Thank you, Onion. Good stuff.

“I buy almost anything that’s shiny and made by Apple.”
“We want people in unison to scream; work you motherfucking piece of shit!”
Yes, click on the images.

How hard can it be!?

Really hate complaining. Truly do. But people who don’t rinse the milk cup should be executed. Shot blank.

Encounter with the German lady

Today I didn’t use my running-jacket* today. And as I came within reach of the area where I met the German lady a few days ago, she was there. At the very same spot again. Perhaps waiting, who knows.
I waved to her, she waved back, we smiled. And then we continued with our own business. Again. But that weird faintly good feeling was there again.

*That’s a good sign = temperature is rising. Hurrah!

To anyone who might (foolishly) doubt that Old School is the funniest film ever #5

I don't know why you got to do it
in front of the kid, with the "F'ing."

All you got to do is
say "earmuffs" to him.

Then you can say,
"fuck, shit, bitch," whatever you want.

Cock. Balls.

I'm just proving a point.
You don't have to celebrate it, Frank.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Annihilating records

There’s a fair chance I’ll reach 100 posts in one month continuing with this pace. And still, with a note like this, who:
a) is exuberant*
b) thinks it’s an accomplishment
c) gives a damn

*Not even a tiny hurrah! ? No? Yes? No? Perhaps?

Rebel with a cause

Took the long-lunch. Stayed as long as I pleased. Perhaps not without feeling a piece of guilt, but definitely without showing.
Took a stroll back to the office. Exuded the sun’s warm beams while reflecting that it was almost too much*, but enjoyed my moment in the spotlight.
Back at work. Can’t focus. Fingertips’ pressing keys, but not producing an awful lot of work. All I want is listen to Håkan. All day everyday. And maybe eat an ice cream. Yes, in the sun, but that's obvious.

*Severe difference between typing too much and actually meaning it.

Almost perfect

Sun is radiant, air is filled with warmth and almost every face you meet is smiling. Even if they tried, they couldn't hide it. Spring is here and it feels absolutely brilliant.

Had the perfect lunch with a dear friend and the glow through the window was so intense I could barley keep my face cool during the meal.
Almost as if I was blushing.

Tuning the runs

It’s such a luxury. On top of the world. Passing others like some ultimate Kipketer. Not knowing* what they think of your smug face when you leave them behind in rapid speed. Audience cheer as you pass the finish line in supreme conduct. Raising your arms, letting their love, praise and astonishment for your unbelievable accomplishment pervade you.

4k to go.
Sprint again.

Or no, maybe you look startled, “can’t believe I just won”, or perhaps the cool, American cockiness, “I am no. 1”, either way works. Then a slow song pops up, your requirement to listen to Random messes up everything. Quickly change to a more vivacious song again. Amp up the pace to catch the leader on the final dash.

3k to go.
Back to the final 400m.
You’re behind everyone.
Last pull.



To everyone involved. Not so terrible pilots after all. They’re unbelievably cool.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

To anyone who might (foolishly) doubt that Old School is the funniest film ever #3

- HI, you've rached Marissa.
- And Frank!

We're not here,

so leave us a message.

Hey, honey, it's me.

Listen, just was calling to check in.

I been kind of busy lately.
A lot of paperwork, stuff like that.

Damn it.

If you are satlsfled, press " ."
To rerecord, press " ."

Hey, Marissa, it's me.

Gonna be in the neighborhood
a little bit later.

Didn't know if you wanted to
get together for frozen yogurt sometime,

or maybe even a whole meal of food.

If that'd be agreeable...

If you are satlsfled, press " ."
To rerecord, press " ."

Hey, Marissa, it's Frank Ricard...


This is double LOL. Primarily because this is a team that arguably would win the put-any-player-from-their-squad-on-the-pitch—and-still-win-the-ugly-eleven-competition any day of the week.
And secondly cause their players think they’re too cool to admit who they fancy. The most that is.

Happy news for jobless football aficionados

Spanish club, Villarreal, decided to give all of their unemployed season-ticket holders’ free cards for the whole next season to Estadio Madrigal.
Former Man U -striker Bepe Rossi

Isn’t it the sweetest thing? Pay back the love and support they receive from the ones who give it free* and unconditionally.

*Wrong – they usually pay heavy to be able to do this – but I liked the sentence better with “free”.

Terrible decision

Woke up. Shut off the alarm and fell back to sleep. That one-and-a-half-hour of extra sleep suddenly felt crucial.
Now, the only thing my tiny little head is trying to figure out now, and this is a serious question, is why? Why, why, why? I’ve done it before. Regretted it before. Sure it was cold outside* but the sun decided to smile, so there’s really no reason. Need to be punished for this. Brutally.

*We’re in Sweden, duh!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tonight is brother-hangout

Very nice, very nice indeed. Feels like years ago, alone together. Trying to convince them Riche is our place to dine but afraid the big nasty M will win. Won’t really matter too much though. I will be glued in front of Watchmen for approx 3 hours – so you could put prison food* on the table and I wouldn’t care less. M is fine. Slightly less charming than Riche though.

*It might be delicious – but it doesn’t sound like it, ok?

Made a mistake yesterday

Was talking to my best friend on the phone and marathon became topic of discussion. He told me he’d love to do it sometime in the future, after he’s retired as a professional track&field athlete. It’s way to damaging for the knees + he’ll need to lose a lot of muscles. Mainly cause of muscles' extreme infectious love for lactic acid.

I totally agreed and as I knew harm couldn’t be done I told him two things while took a vow on one.

– I would run the marathon with him whenever that time occurs and I would love to do it this year, if it would not only have been full already. "Damn I’d really love to".

"Maybe I can fix that…I think my club is partner and are helping with preparations and such."

And such.
Such a shame you can’t keep your big-ma-cumb-mouth-shut.

Tried to explain Twitter to some co-workers

Can truthfully say I did a fairly poor job selling it. Too many questions were raised and I felt less and less engaged in the whole subject. Trying to clarify the whole thing to someone who probably won’t get it anyway is an honest way of wasting your time. And I don’t have time for that kind of time-waste-nonsense.

Work contemplating

Wonder if the people at work know I’m writing this, instead of doing actual work? O well, time for some tweeting.

“Press the center button to begin your workout”

Guess who found his long-lost iPod this morning when he was looking for a hat in a bag he never uses? Hurrah!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Saw it’s snowing on Facebook

Yesterday on my not-so-proud-day-without-fresh-air, I was clicking buttons on the computer, doing nothing, going nowhere on the vast internet. Then I noticed a status-update saying how frustrating it was that it was snowing again “thought it was spring!!” that kind of wining.

The uncanny feeling of not having accomplished anything thus far on your day was overwhelming, even way before I turned my head and watched spongy, white snow using the ground as it canvas for the last (!?) time this year.

Morning run change of view

Woke up this morning, like every other Swede* to a new-sprayed landscape of clean, white snow. Slightly moistly from the temperature, that is in huge conflict with the weather – and starting to grasp the fact that spring is on the way, but still laid there neatly on the ground.

And as I can imagine I wasn’t the only one, mumbling a quiet “o fuck” when I saw it, I laced up and went to get the run “over with”. Out of the way. And as I closed towards the only other person I saw, I noticed that the old lady stopped and looked like she waited for me. Before I had time to think weirdo I approached her, and she looked at me, smiled and said, “Isn’t it beautiful?” in a very, very strong German accent and I swiftly replied “yes!” and carried on.

It was that easy. And the worse part is that it’s usually even easier to forget, forget how easy it is to look and everything from the right perspective. Hurrah!


…and this is what happens when you haven’t done your homework properly

Thought we’d found the best copywriter in the world in Sydney. When all it is, is mighty old Robert Frost.Note that I'm well aware that I'm not judging the cw here in any way. Just (foolishly/embarrassingly) thought he'd written it. Good. All settled. Time for mind-nap.

Never really thought I’d like something from Mr. J. Walter Thompson

But this really made me consider them from another perspective.
Very nice, very nice indeed.

A dust of fresh air

Didn’t go outside yesterday. Not for one second. Well depends if you call guilty conscience about the whole thing – and then stepping out on the balcony in shorts for two minutes, for outside. But I don’t. And it feels like shit. Despise people who all they do is just talk.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Never wait for a good time to nap. You just have to take it.Don't expect it to come - grab it. Bom.

Got up pretty early this morning, convinced to take a nap later on. As things turned out, I noticed from my vertical position that I've been too busy (moving back and forth between the sofa-bed-kitchen might not seem much at first - but somebody has to do it) and can honestly say I didn't have time.

And now, when I just want to crash, I realized it's less than ten minutes before The Footballchannel begins on TV. Yieeiy.

Cause what is simple in the moonlight by the morning never is

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Decisions when time is not your ally

Feeling awfully stressed and runnning around like a stung pig. Doing a thing here, something else there constantly with my mind on something else.
Very frustrating. Hard to concentrate.
Brain says, focus, focus, but the body replies like an obstinate teenager.

Of course lot of chores to tend to today. Cleaning the entire apartment and big grocery shopping to mention two. And all I want to do is go for a real run.

Then decisions collide and all of the sudden I'm cutting my own hair.

Very wise and feels great due to the fact I have one (1) mirror at service = no idea what the back looks like. Still puzzled whose decision it was that thought this would calm me down. Body vs. mind - draw in stupidity.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Extreme real-life tragic

Watched Stockholm-Arlanda, which is a reality show about Sweden’s major airport about the people working there and folks who travel there/via/to Arlanda.

Yesterday we got the opportunity to meet the couple Svensson. They’d been together for 30 years but the last six months had been some sort of injection to their relationship (no idea what) that made them want to do what they’d always dreamed of. Getting married.

Hurrah! you think and clinch your fist in conduct to the fact that real, true love persevere even a long, dull relationship.

Then something weird unveiled before our bemused eyes. The Svensson’s wanted to get married at Arlanda Airport. Wedding chapel, hurrah! you yell in happiness. But no, the door was unlocked to what must have been the most concealed room at the entire airport.
A tragic table, some aged chairs, a lot of strange, dull posters displaying aircrafts of some kind on the wall and an old overhead machine poorly hidden in the corner filled the grey room with its sheer nothingness.

But the tragic almost culminated when we saw the newly weds sitting outside in the departure hall, toasting their marriage in cheap champagne, while empty, lit down Tax Free stores tried to hide in the background, and the man raises his glass and says, “Good luck”.

Just started using Twitter

First thing that strikes me is holy moly. I have absolutely no idea what’s going on. Things just keep popping up and I just try to dodge them all.

Perhaps I’m the last person on earth using Twitter and the reason I’m dodging stuff is the self-explained reason why. Anything made sense there? Good. Me neither. But follow a delusional Twitter patient, right here.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The sun is smirking outside

And I haven’t been outside since I arrived to the office today. But shouldn’t be all too worried. Still a lot of hours left to kill indoors.

To anyone who might (foolishly) doubt that Old School is the funniest film ever #2

Frank, this is a safe place.

It's a place where we can feel free
sharing our feelings.

Think of my office as a nest
in a tree of trust and understanding.

We can say anything here.


It's okay, honey.
That's why we came.

Well, I guess I...
Deep down I'm feeling a little confused.

I mean, suddenly you get married

and you're supposed
to be this entirely different guy.

I don't feel different.

Take yesterday, for example.

We were out at the Olive Garden
for dinner, which was lovely.


I happened to look over during the meal
and see a waitress taking an order,

and I found myself wondering
what color her underpants might be.

Her panties.

Odds are they're probably
basic white, cotton underpants.

But I started thinking,
"Well, maybe they're silk panties."

"Maybe it's a thong."

"Maybe it's something really cool
that I don't even know about."

You know? And I started feeling...


I thought we were in the trust tree,
in the nest. Are we not?

- We are. It's okay.
- Okay?

It's okay. Please continue.

I don't know
where I was going with that.

MTV + moi = amore

Developed a very surprising but profound affection towards the global television network MTV.
Love, love, love.
I feel the need to put global here cause all the good stuff are from abroad (no, nothing Swedish is good. At all).) A weekend with me in the couch, not a thing in the world on my mind and "crap-shows" like (without any internal ranking) The Hills, Life of Ryan, Hogan knows best, A shot of love with Tila Tequila, My sweet 16, Next and the awesome newcomer The City (GHA!) and you will find me in the most perfect christian-mood.
Ah, how sweet it is to glutton in other (miserable) people's misery.

So nice!

This pretty much captures the essence and true motivation of a runner eh?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Become a FAN

For every marketing director/skeptic/whatever out there who don’t believe that great* communication has any effect:

*amazingly great

To anyone who might (foolishly) doubt that Old School is the funniest film ever #1

Hey, Mitch.

Hey, man. Did you have a good day?

Not too bad.

What's going on?

I thought maybe I could crash here
tonight, if that's all right.

Marissa is going through
some personal stuff.

Personal stuff like you running through
the neighborhood drunk and naked?

That and some other stuff.

Two songs to celebrate!

It’s never too late to add to a list. You know this right?Please note the impeccable suit. Inspiration for a generation.

Mmmm nope.

There’s only one song that can celebrate spring. My apologies. Please note the world's best-looking suspenders too. Inspiration for a generation.

Today spring arrived to Stockholm

And it’s only fair we celebrate it with the help of this.

The vague promise on a package design/product

There’s been a lot of talk and discussion about frozen food and the fact that the real deal doesn’t look anywhere near the delusional picture on the package.

“I can’t believe it doesn’t look as yummy as it does on the box”, concerned customers say while scratching their hair in complete astonishment/bewilderment.

Today I realized where fake-makers, i.e. product inventors/creators should turn for inspiration – toothpaste. I mean have you ever considered that it’s the only product where – the real deal – almost exceeds the package design. Where a promise of a paste full of stripes/filled with crystals (this is the one I’m using now – and it’s actually is crystals in it. It has to be) is fully fulfilled to everyone’s content.

Minor, hurrah! for toothpaste.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

When you know you’ve turned customers into happy fans:

...and counting...

Spoon in the cup

I get very anxious drinking a cup of coffee without keeping the spoon left in it. Someone used to hate it, but I stuck to my principles. Never backed off. Never surrendered.
And as I’ve recently noticed is that it has almost has become as important as the beverage itself. I proudly feel that I've developed an addiction to it. Hurrah!

Three steps to the left…

At my way t work I always step on the “K”-well in the street. I never miss it. It’s one of my many addictions (this one’s from early teen-days) and although I should, I’m not ashamed of it.
The thing that makes this a bit awkward is that it’s located three steps to the right from the street and as you have to take a quick detour it makes your regular walk look a bit graceless each time you step on it. My (bulletproof-)tactics here is to always try to look puzzled and strangely look as if I have an errand in that direction (maybe I wrinkle my eyebrow, as if thinking is in progress, a silent but visible "aha", perhaps) – and hastily change my mind/direction the second I’ve touched it.

This morning there was a young girl peddling her bike where it is positioned – and I might have to admit I made the wrong decision here, but as I unwisely decided to go for it and commotion struck. The little girl mutely freaked out (maybe she thought I wanted to make a move for her, scare her perhaps, I don’t know*) and fell over – and then I freaked out and ---- walked off.

Not one of my proudest moments, I can admit that, yes, yes I can.

*This is all just speculations, and no your honor, I object! I wasn’t!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Award-winning work!*

Been participating in this advertising competition during the weekend. It just closed and we barely completed to submit our contribution. – Did make it though (minor Hurrah!).

My partner lives in London and I’ve been stuck in never-ever land here in Stockholm and Skype's been our closest ally on a very poor internet-connection. Not your preferences of work-style, but then again, we never want to complain now do we? We changed and shifted our strategy and solution to the brief perhaps twenty/thousand times, but last night when I went to bed I dreamed of wining all three categories and felt quite content with our idea. That was a good night.

This morning we continued to shift and swap ideas and last time we altered our work were two hours before deadline and I still haven’t got a clue what we did in the end.

*A slice of irony there

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Much more joy than Microsoft Messenger

EXTRA BONUS: Skype's move.


Recently discovered that Skype is so full of joy.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Funniest film ever

Old School or Dumb and Dumber? It’s tilting towards the latter (could be cause I’m watching it right this very second).

Friday, March 13, 2009

Wonder what kind of evening this, second Friday 13th is?

Looks like a night for bow tie if you ask me.

He he...

I have too much stuff to do

Than to keep writing inane updates about nothing. Must/should stop. But can’t stop thinking about the big birthday bash tonight. Double-daddy Chris is celebrating on the second Friday the 13th of the year.

More Shreds-fun

Without internal ranking:


Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton AND Santana (!)

Creed (vocals!) – perhaps funniest.

Pretentious people are – by far – the most enjoyable to mock

Have never heard of this Paco De Lucia before, but been told he’s a really ostentatious dude. Why this shredding piece amuses me a lot.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


…perhaps this is cause I’m heading to Riche soon?

Things feel a lot better now

Still have the obnoxious sentiment of feeling puffed up like a stung pig cause I didn’t run this morning. But on the other hand – who needs shallow women anyway?

Foamy latte

But damn if I haven’t learned to use the machine to (almost) perfection. Now I only need to work on my personal talent; poring the milk. The ability to create something that leaves “neat shapes in the coffee” – the show off-skills that makes people go "aaaah" in awe.

OK – I’ve had it!

Not only are people not rinsing the milk-cup for the espresso machine – but also grown custom to leaving whatever milk they didn’t use in it. Leftovers. Like they’re nice or something.

Shower + shampoo

Ok, “cards on the table” as we say in the wild, wild west. I use shampoo two times a week. Monday (sometimes Sunday evening – depends how greasy my hair is after a rallying weekend) and Thursday (creating a stunning effect for the weekend – I'll get to that in two sentences).

I also barely or never use products for my hair, such as wax, gel, etc. My hair is at its best by its own natural grease, one perhaps two days after shampooing it. However, directly when it hits prime – it’s also ready* to be washed again. Fine, “I’m a grease-ball”. But I’ve been told by very informed sources** you shouldn’t use shampoo more than once a week, but figured once is not sufficient.

I also prefer to shower “for a reason” as I modestly put it. I.e. after workout***; which I like to do every morning before work (except today..DOH!). But on a day like today, getting up, showering + have to use shampoo doesn’t feel motivating at all.

There we have it. What else is going on in the world today?


**Women’s magazines – if they’re not right – whom should we turn to??

***There’s no proper workout here, no abs, no, biceps, no pumping iron. Just some old fashioned running.

How to disgust yourself:

1. Choose not to run when it’s just so damn easy to do the reverse.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A man in a dress walked by

Just hanging out in Västberga Allé.

Simultaneous-capacity. Power off.

One of my many, many flaws is doing/coping/handling/listening/whatever to different stuff at the same time. Nothing odd there, “a lot of people* have the same issue”.

But my concern now is for the big game tonight, what first seemed to be the prime-night-of football, is now suddenly a minor mish-mash in my head. How will I cope with three TVs, three games and sixty-six players running around like stung chickens?

*Retards, Christian, retards.

Keyed up

Still in Västberga Allé. Soon behind three screens.

Sent from my iFootball-mode-activated-device

Spoiled stars

Are shooting the stars to our film now and we're getting great pictures*. They get paid to do so. The expected time was to do it until seven o'clock tonight. The minute they understood that after their personal-shot they could leave – mayhem crossed the threshold and a deck of cards became the quick judge to decide who was going to be shot first.

Gentlemen as they all were they obviously let the only woman have hers first. O, no that’s right. She’s second to last. Sorry, babe.

*Thank you, Alexander Crispin

Meal encounters

Someone decided to forget to order brekfast here in Västberga Allé and it arrived just moments ago. All fine. Yes. And very good sandwiches, thank you very much. Ate myself full.
Fifteen minutes til lunch arrives now. Yummy.

So the BIG question tonight is:

Will Rooney, Berbatov, Tevez, Park, Giggsy, Ronaldo, Wahlbeck, or mighty old Scholes sink the spoiled Italians? But fortunately, unlike the films – there can be more than one.

"Västberga Allé"

That’s where I am now.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Aggregate 12-1

I mean c'mon. Not even if you try to lose will you manage to get such a poor result (5-0, 7-1 - !!!). Too bad it invololved the annoying, very-ugly-squaded-Bayern (along with sods from Lissabon).

Wonder if it'll affect Ronaldo's game tomorrow. Or if it'll fuel him to do the reverse on spoiled Italians for his fellow country-men and former team-mates. Pray for the latter.

But what a glorious night of football. Real humiliated by Pool, or should we say Torres and Captain Fantastic; acting like two peas in a pod. Also the yellow Spaniards advanced on behalf of always-annoying Greeks and even awful machine les Blués are starting to get their shit together.

Wouldn't strike myself as a bold statement if I say it makes us yearn for tomorrow's big games just a little bit more.

Martin sent a text, "running late, see you at o'learys!"

Me too.

Boston Celtic BBQ Burger

With fries and extra béarnaise on the side.
– What are you having for dinner?

Glad that presentation went well

Big fight tonight

Sooo excited!! Will Pool defeat Real once again, can Juve conquer the under Guus-rule, yet unbeaten lés Blues? All will be answered tonight – all in the big shadow of the immense battle between the mighty Red Devils vs. the spoiled sods from Italy tomorrow.

tonight and big Unibet-sponsored evening tomorrow with three TV’s and all games showing simultaneously.

Know my eyes will be locked where my passion lies, though.


Here we go again. And I was almost convinced we were heading for spring.
Silly me.

Monday, March 9, 2009

How Thai became Riche

And the story of a Gino can always slip down. No matter how full you are. Or perhaps, because. Don't ask me why.

“Mom, let’s go to the new Thai restaurant!”

And the instant reply is, “it’s been there for years”, and for some very weird, inexplicable reason, you almost feel a bit sad.

Approval – not approval – maybe later

Getting a tight schedule to succeed is sometimes trickier than expected. But at least our constant journeys back and forth to the production house makes at least one particular taxi company survive the global poverty.


Worse hung-over days aren’t when you feel like shit*, but when you constantly walk around like you’re in a different time zone. When your day goes by just a little bit faster than you do.

Something happens.


Everything kind of feels like a mist but you’re too tired to try to get out, so you wander off, feeling slightly intoxicated.

*Yes they are – it’s perhaps way worse. But right now I feel like fog.

Next Friday…

...is the big premiere of Watchmen. Oh. Dear. Lord. Haven’t been this excited about a movie since…well, Dark Knight. And if it reaches to half of what it was, we’re all in for a treat.It is also Friday the 13th for the second time this year. And we’re only into our third month of '09. Gosh, feels like this year has a lot to offer.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fuck me sideways

OML. As if it wasn’t enough pairing up Depp and Bale, they had to throw Mann into it. Doesn't he creates the most stunning pictures, always and ever?

Moi and locks

...is not the best match.

Been juggling the key for the lock to the bike for a summary of an hour* today and getting inside the door to work was a lot trickier than it should for the very same reason. The god damn key just won’t cope with its lock – even though they are the perfect matches – they’re literally made for one another.

Worse part is standing on the freezing street; covered in rain and leaned over your bike juggling the damn key and you instinctively understand that anyone spotting you right now will call the cops. And no, it doesn’t look any better doing it in front of the door.

* At least.

Happy birthday dad!

Hurrah for old dad today. I’m minutes away from jumping on my bike and eat chicken curry for dinner there.

It’s hard to explain how much I love it and how much that particular dish means to me. It would without a doubt be my death-row meal.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Unparalleled stress

This whole mixing. Doesn’t seem to work.

Friday, March 6, 2009

All work, no play

Been informed by myself that it might be strong focus on work this weekend. Not sure if it means cancellation of tomorrows Steam-sauna-party or a daring attempt of duplication is in progress.
I mean – who says you can’t party and work?


Remember I read in an article somewhere about weight, exercise and fitness – that kind of thing, and the importance about allowing you to “at least one ‘bad’ day a week”. Meaning eat whatever you want that day = candy, ice cream, fries, pizza, -whatever.

And then the fitness-expert admitted that “we’ve all broken this rule, I mean who hasn’t eaten a grape in the supermarket, or during the movie or whenever”.

I’m still shocked. Here I go walk around all stupid, convinced fruit was good and healthy. I can’t even think of nibbling on a darn grape without feeling extreme guilt.

O, did I mention that one of all things production houses always keep for guests is (drum whirl) – grapes (cymbal).

“I’m sorry”

Hahah. This is stupid-funny. I love stupid-funny. Can also shamefully admit he was a true hero to me. Perhaps my first hero. Still remember when they played the song during a basketball tournament and my friend, Alex and I immediately ran across the hall and converged in an enormous high-five.

Aa, sweet, sweet memories. Weren't those the days?

Here's the website for the campaign, by Droga5 Sydney.

Der sauna revelry

The legendary Sauna-party*, before only hosted by Max at his former apartment – famously known as “Loftet”, will now be at Victor’s residence this Saturday. With the acceptance of a minor name change to Steam-sauna-party.

At Max’s party, only boys were allowed and we clogged the windows with steamy men-odors all evening. Victor is allowing females to his merriment and I’m quite concerned what will happen. But I expect the infamous rule of “bar-kaka” will be respected.

*Sauna-party is simple: tiny apartment, too many guests and shut windows. Yes, beverage is integrated in the concept.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

"I like to fish"

"I concur"

I’m the only one who brought my laptop into the studio. Just surfing the web, clicking on banners, scrolling through nothing and nodding my head in agreement with the others whenever it sounds like they’re about to make a decision or ask for my opinion.

Day-dreaming at the audio-studio

Pretty girl eating banana.

– That’s disgusting, Christian!

Correct version

Am at this audio-studio today where we’re recording our voice over for our films. I’m the copywriter and should have the latest/most up to date script for our VO-guy. I haven’t.

Everyone’s running around, all semi-upset, super-stressed, “where’s the script”, “who’s got the latest version”, "anyone seen the updated script – who has it!?”.

And all yours truly does is sit in the comfy sofa, typing on his keys, creating yet another inane post for his blog.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

...a few seconds away from clean sheet

Just got home and the following just happened. But first, quick recap. Been at this stupid production company all day - a place with candy everywhere. Bowls of mini-Snickers/Mars/Twix/Geisha/you-name-it. All in excess overload, all screaming for me, "try me, Christian. You go boy! Have me. No me!" Yelling like imbecills. Like crazy they went.

Did I taste one? Even remotely went close to one? Of course not. Will power at its peak was displayed.

Back to now, home, present time. First thing I do is convince myself that I deserve one. Just a tiny lousy bite. A small candy, perhaps.

The hell I deserved. The hell it was just a tiny bite.

On- and offline?

Wish I were more certain exactly what we do at each step when we edit our films. But instead, all you see is a smiling boy, chewing on a cookie in the corner.

Breakfast at work

Tuesday is all-eat-together morning. All other days I make my own sandwich in the kitchen as I arrive and feast on it in front of my laptop. The reason I do so is simple.
It saves me time.
I can spend more time at home, go for a longer run, do my stretching (very important to me, I love/need/must do it, especially at weird places*, don’t be to startled if you see me bend over in the ATM-line, touching my feet wit ha restraint grump), perhaps a quick workout, get all wet in the shower etc, etc. I like to do all those things at a more relaxing pace.

But today I was remarked on my behavior. A woman here, without mentioning her name, we’ll just call her Marie, obviously thought I was "cheating" (very weird choice of word know, but then again her comment was very weird) or something. But she didn’t say it clearly. More, commented what I did with big surprise and loud voice, so everyone would hear that she would love to do so herself – but couldn’t – but Christian, he, he obviously can. All with a big smirk on her face. And all I did was grin right back at her. But inside, thoughts were spinning.

Yes I can, Marie. That’s why I do it. Moron.

*Not because I want to, but it’s usually at weird places it strikes me, “hmm maybe I should stretch a bit. Like now”.

Nice video, Depeche

I kind of love when you can’t explain why you like something, but only go on intuition. Not a big fan of perfect explanations and given facts.
Gut feeling is nice.

“No candy after nine”

Actually, no sugar is allowed after that hour is stroked. My brother is the founder of that rule. He is also sole executor of anyone (moi) violating it. Meaning, if I do, I might die. Killed by my own brother.

I know I’m a sugar-addict, but you don’t even kill a drug-addict when he’s transgressing – you give him probation first.

I can also admit I violated the rule yesterday and the day before that.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Being a cheap damn bastard

Spent a good sum of money last Saturday (a full day at Riche is nice to everything except your wallet). About the same amount it costs to buy a new iPod. This whole running without music is getting a bit tiresome. Approximately twice as tiresome as it used to. Give or take a k or two.

Sorry it’s just in Swedish…BUT

This is also something I strongly recommend you to read. Especially if you understand the language.


Have this compulsion about always wanting a breath of fresh air each day.
A universal thing
, everybody wants that, you think but I have friends who can spend an entire day indoor. Madness.

And sometimes (now) when I haven’t been outside for lunch I get all anxious. So expect fretful, deeply nonsense posts for a while. All until I get some fresh, soothing air.

Grand Theft Internet?

Is it illegal to use somebody else’s internet? I mean, am I “stealing” something here. Will the charge be “minor theft” or excessively higher? Imagine being stuck in a tiny prison cell in Peru surrounded by really big dudes who fancy your pretty white skin and call you Goldilocks. And no access to Google or anything.

Peruvian internet

Our internet isn’t fully functioning now so we’re all using the Peruvian Embassy’s instead. It's very funny. Our boss is slightly stressed about the fact we do it. Maybe he’s afraid we’ll access some weird/top-secret information. About Lima beans, perhaps.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Enjoy every second

It’s important to seize everything. Every moment at every time. Not just wait for the perfect one to show up. Like now. This is a moment you’ll never ever get back. You know this. And still. You’re stuck wasting your time away, reading some damn blog. Still.

Running without music makes anyone a dull boy. Hearing you’re insane doing it, probably makes you.

As I’ve mentioned, my iPod disappeared and I now run without music. Fine, I thought, exactly what I did before I got addicted to it and what mankind’s been doing for centuries prior to Apple and me.

Then I told Erik, aka Mr. wiseass, who immediately feels the urge to destroy it all by saying something stupid like, “O boy – that’s the worse thing I can ever imagine, makes the whole run feel at least twice as long!”.

And I can’t get that part out of my head as I now go for daily double runs.

“Take whatever you want – just ask first”

My brother didn’t approve my sommelier skills as I opened a bottle of rosé last Saturday when he was in Milan. Fair enough, it’s his wine. But I never got an invite to see Inter-Roma live at San Siro, so call it even?

What’s up with Phil in England!?

I mean really. In an interview, Cristiano Ronaldo, admitted (without any noticeably shame) that Phil Collins was one of his favorite artists and that he had him on his iPod.

Must admit this came as quite a shock, saying this out loud. Hence it’s in imminent proximity of the notorious trial of accused Captain Fantastic, Mr. Steven Gerrard, for punching a local DJ in Liverpool cause he (had the courage enough?) to refuse to play Stevie’s favorite artist, yes, Phil Collins.

I can only draw the conclusion that the illustrious rivalry between Pool and Man U is hereby evidently moderated. By Phil.

My own best barber

Haven’t been to a proper barber for the last, say ten years or so. And as I needed a haircut this Saturday, I took matters into my own hands yet again. What this means is two things.
1. I’m obviously a cheap bastard.
2. Hence my lack of double mirrors, I (still) have no idea how my hair looks like in the neck.