Thursday, July 31, 2008


I can still remember the day at Hollywood DVD like it was yesterday.
I directed our duties like a submarine general.
Ok, I get all the good films – you grab Lost, three and four (everything’s packaged in clever little boxes, containing entire seasons) ingenious way of not screwing things up, right?
EEEH. Wrong.
Where’s season four, I asked her, and was already prepared for her planned joke about “she forgot it” and then surprise me as my tears would start exiting my face with a neat box containing Lost, season four from behind her back, but it never came.
My smile twirled into a blank stare as it realized there wasn’t going to be a direct continuing on season three, which she did buy, and just to use her own words, "deliberately not getting the fourth one straight away, cause we don’t want to jump into it straight after, we’ll need to digest one season at a time, plus we can get the fourth one later."
I’m glad WE wanted it so.
The moment we’d finished season three there wasn’t much eager of “digesting” anything, but by the time we arrived at Hollywood DVD again it was sold out.
What, could there really be some other kids who wanted to see the best TV-series ever? Nooooo. Impossible.
There’s no one else here but us.
So, while someone else is enjoying a sunny Sweden, hanging out with friends, family and Calippo’s, Sandwiches, water from the tap and plockgodis, someone else is here, stuck in Shanghai, with only a long lost feeling of what season four might have been like as a company.
In his mind it’s great and really, really surprising.
Best one ever.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


That’s the time circulating around my head.
It’s then we’ll know.
What will happen, but perhaps more important; where.
Stay here in Shanghai or continue the journey.
Perhaps Buenos Aires is intriguing, I’ve always been a fan of South America, maybe due to the fact that I’ve never been, w
ho knows if it is London calling, and I’ve definitely heard great rumors about the big apple that could be worth verifying, actually I wouldn’t mind a trip to Boulder to be quite frank, or even back to Amsterdam.
But two things for sure 'til six o’clock.
It’s not Stockholm and I’d prefer to stay put.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Soon a grass widow

She goes on Tuesday, leaving someone else behind.
No one else in Shanghai but me.
I’ m really happy she's going home, spend time with her family and bla bla bla, don’t envy her at all bla bla, no my biggest disappointment now in life is the fact that I’ll probably miss our half-decade celebration of Le Tour the Bock.
I could kill my left arm and never go back to Sweden, if I would just get a lousy, tiny weekend as a caddie again this year.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Discovered more brunch places

This stresses me out.
I know about a bunch now, which is more than when I desperately searched and asked around for them.
All good, happy, contempt, right?
Eeeh. Wrong.
All I get is a stretching feeling of stress exploring every region of my body. And it wants out. I want it out but it wants out – bad.
So I start sweating.
Which is weird, but it’s just their merged reply and proof of how they solve it to me.
Where to go, what to eat, eat a lot, it’s feels free, smoothies here, pancakes, full, no more food, heck you’ve paid for it, eat some more, but most importantly – where?
I almost wish I hadn’t found out about these places.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Star Wars

Strolling around People’s Park and it hits you.
This is not an ordinary city, nowhere is it ordinary here.
This building, pointing with four vertical sharp pillars for instance, picture it covered in dark smudge, the rare neon lights and John Williams score filling the sky.
And then the distinct, heavy breathing.
This could very well be the place where Vader resides.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Was late cause of almost beating Rob in foosball.
The phone was vibrating and anxious sighs was heard from downstairs.
We’re late.
Rushing down and jump into the taxi and off to Thai House, a spotlessly hidden place between lanes and behind houses.
No, no, no, only cash, they greet us.
Quick you grab our table and I find an ATM, my decisions were as fast as they were bad.
Rambling around block after block, people could easily mistake me for a sweaty renegade on thee loose, that desperate shiny stare was my biggest giveaway I reckon.
Finally got back and was cheered from four Swedes, a Chinese and two Dutch as I joined our table an hour after schedule.
For a moment I felt like the athlete one might finally be recognized as.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It’s summer

The ever light shares its rays.
Humidity secures its ground to high above the roofs.
Temperature’s off the meter and birds no longer sing.
Dogs are nowhere in sight, crickets sing at night.
Cars persist their confident ride and people go on trips in their heads.
I leave traces of salt as I saunter the streets.
But not anywhere can we see salvation to be found.
Yet it is to discover, the heat will keep rising and sun go on shining.
It’s summer in Shanghai and it’s grand.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Something we all understand

Had a really nice massage the other day.
Ninety minutes of victimized under male hands pressing, touching and caressing your inner thighs and hips, lower back and all over your body.
It happens in a big room with six beds perfectly aligned, so we can all get our massage simultaneously.
One of my co-victims is a big man.
Huge actually, and enjoys his massage with an equally big loud snore.
I’m particularly sensitive about snoring, probably the worse thing in the whole wide world.
It’s the thing that would make me sleep outside on a rainy night, break up an otherwise wonderful relationship or just seriously consider suicide rather than endure this hideous noise.
But he doesn’t know – or care – about this.
He thinks it’s ok to announce his satisfaction on wide-open display for everyone around him to listen to.
I try to convince myself it’s a Chinese vs. European thing, but realize how wrong that is.
Snoring is speechless. Everyone understands it, everyone can converse it and everyone can interpret it.
So shouldn’t everyone respect exactly this?

First run

Did it.
Finally made it to the crowded streets and vast roads, the place where neither Mother Nature nor the people occupying it cares about you.
Only took less than three months, but heck – did it.
And it was dreadful.
Taught it was hideous enough in London when I ran like a goof-ball up and down the streets trying to find the park that was suppose to be “very, very close, just follow the bla bla bla road and turn left”, only this was different.
All I wanted to do was disappear, or at least turn left and run away, from the staring faces and the judging stares.
But as city-orienteering’s not one of your best skills, you chose to do the there-and-back routine; follow the same street until you’ve done half of your running time and then double back.
Instantly regretting this decision when you realized you had to unite with this scenery again just in order to get back home.
So you make the quick turn into the, small but nice, park.
Boy was that decision in line with one of those sad ones in your life.
The massive groups of too old Chinese exercising their morning ritual were immense.
Just getting out was more intense than running thirty-four flights of stairs five times.
Then I thought that one quick stair-lap should be the 'dot over the i'*.
As I almost died doing it I’m still a bit uncertain I made it or not.
The fact that I pin these lines down might be evidence I did make it.
Or maybe I’m in cyber-heaven.
Wonder if god’s a one or a zero there/here?

*Great Swedish expression

Sunday, July 20, 2008

English magazines

They’re not that common here.
Cause after a couple of months reading the ones you have you kind of know ‘em better than by heart now.
So the journeying began.
Liter after liter of sweat wasted as you’ve tramped road after road of the never-ending exploration for the, not just perfect - but any, English bookstore.
Finally, it was found.
The result?
One I.D (never read it before, but couldn’t buy Vogue, Marie Claire or any other chic-mag and maintain any male-esteem), one Wallpaper (never read it before, but couldn’t buy Vogue, Marie Claire or any other chic-mag and maintain any male-esteem) and one Men’s Health.
This is the one I was most reluctant to. But as it seems; the one that’s most pleasurable to read out of the three.
Chiseled abs, wait no more.

Friday, July 18, 2008

I miss hotdogs

The proper ones, full of flavor and different spices and stuff.
The thinner ones are preferred to the thick ones you can’t even fit in your mouth without squeezing sweat all over your shirt when chewing.
Also boiled hotdogs slips down with ease. And now we’re talking about the flawless red one.
Yes, røde pølse, all the way from Denmark into my mouth.
The bread, swiftly heated in the oven until outside’s perfect crispy but hot and soft on the inside.
Load ‘em up with loads and loads of mustards from France and Sweden, add a little ketchup from America but named in Germany, add some more mustard on top and decorate the whole spectacle with a few drops of Tabasco sauce and we have the perfect hotdog.
The closest you get here's a dog's tail I guess.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What if they arrest me?

I always feel a bit stressed waiting for the elevator to transport me down when I run in the stairs.
What if what I’m doing is wrong, what if someone called someone and there are guards ready for me. What if these guards are heavy-geared SWAT.
You can’t run here, it’s China you fool, now let’s go to prison for the rest of your life.
The reason of my alertness is that the construction workers and I usually begin our routine at the same time.
And they love the roof. And I run to the roof. You see the uncanny encounters that can occur here.
Already shared elevator experiences twice with them.
It was horrible.
They saw right through me, where some could be proud and see heroism formed as a real life athlete in action, they only spotted the weird sweaty Swede running up and down some stairs in a service apartment in Shanghai, still troubled from the tales of the outside air and its pollutions.
I’ve noticed a surveillance camera on the 25th floor, so I’m not that far out.

This makes me proud and envious

There are people who seize opportunities where there are none.
First the whole music industry's about to collapse, simply cause no one buys records anymore.
So they let people pay whatever they want.
Then music video as a pohenomenon is slowly dying, only someone forgot to mention this to them.
So they decided to make one made without cameras.
Viva la music video.
Twist shit up around and bend it.
Lead instead of follow.
I’m proud because there are still pioneers and entrepreneurs left in this world, but a bit ego-struck that it wasn’t me.

Urgent relocation

This is very awkward.
We’ve been asked to move up one floor but down two on the comfortable ranking.
Our new location is inbetween desks and lots of important people.
Hey there Account Executive, how you doing Head of Planning and hello Mr. Senior Art Director, oh hi there señor Copywriter almost didn’t see you sitting next to me.

What if they catch me doing what I’m doing now?
Our spot now is in the corner, a beautiful view accompanying our window spot and refreshing, ice-cold water keg a few feet away, almost at super convenient arm length reach.
I don’t even know where they have the water keg on the fifth floor.
And I need to hydrate in this climate.
Things could get messy here.
Or really efficient.
Pray for the ladder.

"I might go there and then I’ll come back"

She throws it out.
No warning, no eye contact, no real engagement except this eerie sentence.
Did she ask you this or was she just saying it as, this is what I’ll do now, just so you know?
Awkward moments pass but you’re still not totally sure how to interpret this statement/question.
You're hesitant, cause you've been there before, saying the right thing now isn't always the right thing to do.
But getting it right is, if not crucial, expected.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Four triple-doubles

Pulling off something you’ve never achieved before is just awesome.
Especially when your original plan was to lay low, chill in bed and skip the whole thing.
Whether it’s traveling around the world, get your drivers license (I guess) or making four consecutive laps in the stairs with the infamous double step, they’re all pretty much on the same level.
Plus, and this is creepy in the same creepy-level of likes such as “wow, is that even possible” and déjà vu and shit.
Played the new theme song for chris and hoped for the next one to be this one, guess which track came straight after without having to skip a single one, and just to emphasize the brilliance of this morning, this came on right after this one.
Yesterday was awesome, does this mean I’m gonna top its awesomeness?
Me think so.

Waiting for feedback from US

Not sure which direction time zone-vise that mean, back forth, forth and back maybe.
Either way we’ve been given direct orders ‘til then.
Seriously guys, get out from the office, enjoy a sunny day in Shanghai.
This represents me best right now.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Soft spot

I like good things.
I hate cheesy feelgood things.
I love to feel great.
I’m never as good as when I feel great.
One of my fav ads came o this morning when I was lying on the floor, stretching and sweating all over the carpet and up on the sofa.
It makes the corner of my mouth chase my cheekbones and show the whole world my teeth.
Today is an awesome day.

“But he’s got a girlfriend”

I know my attempt of a sympathetic expression doesn’t disguise my attempt of fake reply.
I want to agree and say, Yea, I know, of course, it’s innocent to let a few randy people go on a road trip for a couple of weeks on a bus together, what was I thinking, but I restrain myself.
Just when we feel close to one another, the vast ocean of different thinking ripples the shore and refills the inaccessible gap between man and woman.
Everything's normal I guess.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Another one

This film is vibrating.
It will be something so fresh and so new, here's the latest trailer.

Don’t make me your only hope for a normal life.

This city deserves a better class of criminal. And I’m gonna give it to them. I’m a man of my word.

I have seen now what I have to become to stop a man like him.

You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

Where’s the time?

I love new inventions, but frankly I’m quite intrigued where these kids (or grown ups) find time to do all these stuff.
I’m not so skeptical about this whole Lively by Google, just seems like it’s yet another thing to make us spend even more time online, creating our artificial world and shit, rather than spending it in a more physical shape with each other.
I mean social networks and IM functions are a great way to stay in touch and chat with your friends and keep in contact when you don’t have time enough to actually see each other. Seems to me where creating more and more stuff to keep us apart as a substitute of tying us together.
Blind-internet-dating in all respect, but babies aren’t made online.
Yet, I suppose.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hard work, hard work

Went to Hausbröhfs, or something Germanish like that.
Was suppose to brainstorm and work, but they had homebrewed beer, popcorn and sausage with sauerkrasse, and it was like déjà vu.
Haven’t had popcorn in ages and as the biggest sausage fan in the entire world it was just really nice to bite into it.
It started civlized.

But then she smoked; so you knew you were in for a wild night.

The mandatory drunk-hugs began.

Then Dean all of the sudden became 20 again.

And the trucker cap started exploring everyone's head.
People laughed and no one wanted to ever leave.

They had a liveband a liveband and all seven people in the crowd cheered them on.
People couldn't resist the vibe and fell out of control on stage and bounced to the rythm.

We’re drinking booze

We’re fucking singing songs and laughing our balls off.
Then we spot our client’s head of digital in the window and everyone tries to goes quiet for a second.
Anxiety spreads around the room, what if he notices we’re drunk.
He asks us if we have any more liquor and we hand him the bottle of rum knowing we’re exactly on the same page tomorrow morning at eight thirty for the meeting.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Top party

We’re about to inaugurate our roof terrace tonight.
This place is vibrating right now; half-hysterical people running around everywhere but going nowhere, meetings to be had anywhere, films to be projected somewhere and dresses to be made out of something.
I love the fact that they do everything big here, very stylish, no half dipping oh no, here they have designers making invitations and the prepping ‘s been going on for weeks, measuring, sound checks, decorating and hanging up stuff.
Rumor has it about barbeque, DJ's and even a cake.
Weird I thought, ‘til I saw the program, that’s right our night is rigorously planned.
With intense detail, Excel and shit.
It’s our office boss’ birthday. You know what that means. Grill AND cake.
I love this office.

Classy invitation

Have you read it yet?

She sits there, scrolling through internet with an expression exceeding Carrie’s quest for perfect shoes.
It’s obviously fun stuff happening on the screen.
You don’t want to interrupt a woman enjoying herself, but do it anyway and asks if she’s read the article mentioned hours ago, yet.
Her puzzled face now far exceeds a very innocent four-year-old caught arm length into the cookie box. Mouth full and crumbs everywhere.
Of course not, she doesn’t even know where it is, so you say it’s in her mail and been there for a while now.
And you've just experienced a close encounter of how not to approach a situation, and you clinch your fist and say, at least it was the last time.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Never regrets

Love to live from mottos.
The topic’s one for instance. Love to picture my life going through without any.
But never a rule without exceptions and there’s always running.
I love it. Although I don’t love every single time I run. Sometimes I do it just to get it over with.
Cause you know you’re gonna feel so much better afterwards. What you miss in sleep in the morning you gain with energy and assurance for the rest of the day.
Something inestimable.
And I know from a few years experience; there’s not a single time I’ve regretted that I went for the run when the cozy bed was crying for my attention, convincing me to skip it.
But as today, I already regret that I didn’t.

Monday, July 7, 2008

She said hi

Almost forgot. Today, right before I vomited cause of running, she said hi.
I was startled when I saw the door open and the cleaning lady entered, she hasn’t been there for a while now, and chocked I mouthed, ni hao, to her.
Not only did she reply with a brisk, ni hao, straight to my sweaty face, she even smiled.
The fact that it was a complete different cleaning lady than the usual is besides the point I think.
The cleaning lady finally said hi.

I want to

I’m sitting here now, desperately want to find the lost courage so I can step up and have a chat with my boss.
Not have a heavy conversation, just a chat. So we knows what and not to expect.
I’m not gonna be the annoying kind who wants to know everything* I can just settle for a quick verdict.
Whatever it is, I can take it, whatever reason it’s fine.
I just need to know.

*Yes I do.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Threw up twice

Got all dizzy after the third lap of stair running.
Like I wanted to puke.
But the immediate connection between morning sickness and pregnancy were a bit too closely related, so I shook it off with another two laps.
We athletes can’t just cave in to simple human behavior.
And I hate throwing up. Worse thing in the whole wide world.
But the extra laps wasn't doing anything to prevent my eerie sickness. So after I had thrown up – twice* – I didn’t feel like the big athlete anymore. More like a very, very, pathetic small boy in desperate need of a hug, or maybe just a tiny pat, perhaps on the head or on one of my shoulders.

*I've thrown up twice on two different occasions here now. Both times occurred very closely to alcohol consumption, i.e. the day after, but to claim any serious associations here is quite impossible, leave it as merely vague assumptions.

Friday, July 4, 2008


Thought my stair running was a pretty exhausting way to kick off your morning.
But at lunch at one of our regular diners we sat upstairs for the first time.
It's loads of stuff going on everywhere. The waitress and a kid brother are chasing up-and-down the stairs like no tomorrow.
Worth mentioning; this place is a pretty hot condensed place.
When aliens attack and start eating us; this would be the last place they’d dine at. To make sure we'd be perfectly steam-cooked Dim Sums and our bodies would filled with super tender meat to chew at.
I’m quite impressed by their everyday working-ability; hence they don’t take weekends off like we do.
Have a nice one.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Has he ever looked better?

Thought I’d seen everything

Until now. First I watched the new Bond trailer and thought to myself, nice one, cool.
Then magic happened.
Fucking oh my fucking deep shit God I’m beyond blown away.
Does it depress you? How alone you really are?
It's going to be epic. It will revolutionize acting as we know it, change the genre, it will create history, it will implement immortal lines that will be spoken forever.
Read a review from Rolling Stone here.
You see for them... you're just a freak. Like me.
But first I’m gonna go watch Ronaldinho now.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Massive assembling on the roof

It started as a real-life movie-moment in the office.
Someone said something. People rose up and started slowly walking towards the windows, instantly noticing the preventable time-consumption of slowly walking towards the window; people dashed for a spot close enough to observe.
It got crowded and mass-hysterical events flashed by your eyes.
Then someone shouted, let’s go to the roof, and everyone rushed to the staircase. It got jam-packed straight away and the claustrophobic sense of wearing a pair of wet, too-tight jeans emerged.
People were almost in trance and kept mumbling and preyed to themselves it wouldn’t be too late, that it wouldn’t have disappeared.
Hope we haven’t missed it.
As we reached smogged air again we gathered around the edge to witness a very rare rainbow-moment in Shanghai together and I think I even saw a wet corner in someone's eye.


I love them. It’s my favorite way of explaining complicating, or not so complicated things for people who don’t like to use their brains but act, as it’s all they do.
You can get anyone in the whole wide world to understand something knotty and take in something they don’t have a clue about within a split second, usually without them even noticing it.
All thanks to clichés.
Now, the tough part is to explain to someone, usually the above-mentioned party, and make him understand what I mean without giving him or her the chance to show off.
No, I really don’t like clichés. Soo worn out. Nothing new under the sun.
That’s the kind of thing they can say, and it confuses me.
They’re allowed to use clichés to describe how much they don’t like them or the usage of them?
I guess one bewildering thing for people is that they might think that I use it in the line of work I do.
Which is as weird of a conclusion as it is wrong.
Anyway the best reason why I like them is simple.
A cliché is a cliché because it’s true.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

In a peculiar place

I feel so good right now. I’m working around the clock, and it doesn’t seem to ease up in the nearest future.
Maybe it’s cause you’re slowly starting to get stuff here, and by bit by bit you’re starting to discover that you really like it.
It’s scary.
Both things; feeling good about every-hour-work but also that you found something might worth hanging on to.
Does that mean I’d be disappointed if we can’t stay?
Maybe. Perhaps I guess.
But one of my grand mottos is very simple.
Hope for everything, expect nothing.
UPDATE: I can't remember if my favorite one is:
Hope for the the best, expect the worse.
Just to clarify that.