Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hand cut bread

This is how we start off every morning.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It all makes sense now

This is happening next week on the 7th in NYC and you should go

It's a pretty lil amazing project we've been working on heaa. (Click on image to make it bigger).

Syrup went down to Rwanda this summer to work with a NGO called Project Rwanda who works with children that where born out of rape during the Genocide. These kids are living in the outskirts of society and their only hope for the future is pretty much to get an education and take charge of their own destiny. Education = Power. We brought with us museum style papers that the kids painted on depicting how they see their and their families future. The paintings came out quite amazing and their words are moving, these kids are filed with hope and are showing strength that is unbelievable. Makes the shit that we bitch about on daily basis feel pretty pathetic.

We are now at a point where we are hosting the found raiser on the 7th of December (see attached invite) at Sun West Studio where we will exhibit the paintings, screen the film that we made as well as selling a coloring book that was designed and also our very own Unicef ambassador Marcus will hold a speech giving his perspective on Rwanda and the future of the youth of Africa.

Should be a pretty amazing event.

visit the site at for moo info etc


ps. in case i posted this before: (Y)

And here the cat sits

Cat. www. *Sigh of relief*

Goodmornin' this is an Asian girl (possibly Japanese if I'd have me guess) drawing on a dirty car

Next post will be of a cat casually sitting on the stairs. All will be internet fine again.

Monday, November 28, 2011

My stats of chriswizbeckett on instagram:


Yea this is just so A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

The world is just so seriously awesome

The ice finger of death. So badass.

It's a lil weird, slightly mellow, calm Monday after Thanksgiving

So we recommend this today.

Try as they might

I love the effort. Commendable.


For you Adriana, I would.

Me, last night

One of those nights with one of those one too many scoops of ice cream. Nom.

We're back from Bermuda

But we need a soft start to commence with. Somethin' like this.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Imma going heaa:

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Awesome audio commentary by Schwarzenegger himself on the DVD of Total Recall

You should watch this. It's funneh as fuck. Thanks my number one reader, Ludds for showing me.

Soccer Pugs

CORRECTION: This might be today's top content. Or, thinking about it, this is Today's Cutest. But in a cool way.

- Add socks too.

Awesome doggy style

via jon da man

Works for all, full 360 and shit

One Knight Stand

Is it because it's Tuesday or because I'm going to Bermuda tomorrow or just because imma happy, [a lil too] easily amused lil chap? But this is Today's Funniest Shit You'll See Today. OK. It's not by knockout so mebbe something more amusing will mosey along today, but until then. This is the shit.

I just got two years younger from looking at this

Geddit. Laughing suppose to make you live longer... Ok fuck it, I wasn' really laughing, just bigass smiling. Like an idiot.


How everyone is raised in the south.

Monday, November 21, 2011

They've left

Pepper-spraying innocent protesters exercising their legal rights of assembling on public spaces and freedom of speech finally paid off.

CONT'D: Idiotic Movie Plot Holes 2

After the overwhelming response to the exposure of movies most idiotic plot holes, it’s only fair I continue. Too tired and lazy and shit to assemble everything – so we’ll just dig right into the next one.

X-Men: First Class
The story of Eric and Charles and the beginning and creation of the X-Men as we’ve come to know [and love] them.

The beach scene. Final and climax of the film. Inside the submarine when Eric (Magneto) has snuck in and fighting with Sebastian Shaw’s character (played by Kevin Bacon).

Why this is so fucked up:
So Eric/Magneto has managed to get the upper hand on Shaw and pulled his helm off so Charles can occupy his head, causing him to freeze. I.e. Shaw is paralyzed cause Charles is freezing him. Eric then shows his real evil side and revenges his mother by shooting a bullet through the frozen head off Shaw in painful slow motion. All while Charles is screaming to awesome music (score really is fucking fantastic) trying to make him stop. But let’s get back to why Shaw is frozen: cause Charles is inside his head and freezes him. So it’s that *snapping fingers in witty manners* easy for Charles to stop this. He just don’t.

Invisible cats

OK. First didn't lol, but then I lol'd.

from Alex and via this site heaa.

It was a great show, Billy, Cyrus, Pete, yeah everyone showed up

Epic night.

Lifesize Lega Boba Fett

Side-note random funny info: you know 'Fett' means 'fat' in Swedish right. Which always made this character always slightly out of control hilarious when growing up. Haha, fatty.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shepard Fairey

Did it again.

Squeal like a lil girl

Nothing beats badass testosteron pumpin' men as much as badass testosteron pumpin' men squealing like a lil girl. Like a girl.

Friday, November 18, 2011


This one's for you already talking about winter and Christmas and shit.

Happy Beckett to you all and have a grrreat Friday

This is the song.

Two idiotic movie plot holes

Watching a movie and feeling/knowing ‘wtf’. Why the fuck did he do that for? It. Doesn’t. Make. Any. Sense. Consumed in the movie and for the pure coolness we’re experiencing when watching it right now, sure. But not when giving it a slight reflection. Here’s two of them:

The Rock
What happens in the movie:
Sean Connery helps the badass Navy Seals breaking in to Alcatraz. The reasoning is because he’s the only one who has ever escaped from there so he’s the only one who knows the way though hidden tunnels and shit.

When the emerge from the water they need to go through some perfectly time coordinated fire-throwing things in a tiny crack that shoots off big flames of fire sure to kill anyone trying to roll under them. You know which scene, right? Good.

Why is this is so fucked up:
Well. This breaking-in scene is fucked up from a number of reasons.
Number one. Why don’t they just shut them off from land? I mean – why are they even on? What’s the reason for them to have them on from the first place? It’s like 50-years ago the place was in use. NO. Don’t say it’s in use for tourists. Why do tourists need whatever those flames supply? Tour is like half an hour. Thank you. And don’t say that it would be suspicious if they suddenly cut them off so the terrorists would know where they were trying to break in. that’s bullshit. Everyone knows that cutting power and supplies is the first thing you do when someone tries to pull a hostage act on your ass.

Ok but let’s just, for arguments sake, say we buy this. Fine. Well, that’s when we move on to: EVIDENCE A YOUR HONOR. Sean Connery escaped from Alcatraz. He broke out. What he does in this scene is rolling in under those perfectly time coordinated fire-throwing things - from the outside - and then opens the door to everyone. From the inside. Why didn’t he just do that when he escaped? I know. It’s too obvious when you think about it that you want to shoot someone in the testicles. But still.

The Usual Suspects
What happens in the movie:
Some criminals are all dead after a presumably failed heist or coupe and the only survivor of the gang sits in the police station and retells their story. The movie then jumps back and forth in flashbacks what has happened, etc. You know the movie.

Well. All of them the whole movie – but let’s say the final scene for simplicity. You know when Kevin Spacey walks out after the interrogation all like a gimp and then. Suddenly. As the story unfolds – shows that he was Keyser Soze all along. Omg omg omg omg. One of the biggest surprise endings of all time. I loved it. I was stoked. Omg it’s sooo genius. Then I gave it a thought or two.

Now bare with me cause this is actually not a regular fail – sure it could have happened like this. It’s just that – it doesn’t make any fucking sense, except for the thrill and sheer reason of entertaining us, the audience. Don’t give me crap now about “Yeah but movies are meant to entertain”. Cause this is about making an intelligent movie that should amaze us. Not fall on its own twist.

Why this is so fucked up:
So a lil recap back-story: We learn during the movie that no one has ever seen Keyser Soze. He’s a “ghost” to most people. An urban legend. A myth. It seems that this is very carefully planned from Keyser himself. He wants to have it like this and more importantly he wants to keep it like this. He’s also extremely intelligent. Not your regular crock. This guy runs the show with brains. He directs shit. And we appreciate this.

So WHY IS HE EVEN SITTING THERE AT THE POLICE STATION IN THE FIRST PLACE. Why on earth is he exposing himself like this? Why didn’t he escape and vanished after the boat-heist – we understand he clearly had time to do so since the cops didn’t seem to show up until after all was done. He has chosen to sit here and be interrogated and come up with his fake story – during the interrogation – that is made to fail for his own amusement. Sure. If he was one of those Thomas Crown Affair criminals that commits crime for his sheer amusement and cause he’s bored. But not Keyser. He’s not that kind of criminal. The whole movie is about how clever he is, his genius and how his whole existence seem to circle around his own myth about his non-existence. Not being seen, recognized and probably videotaped at a police station for an entire day.

Thank you for your time, now carry on. 

false alarm, lads.

The Pizza sleeping bag

IMma tossing out me 'Hastens' as we speak. It's almost like the two best things on earth at once. Eating and sleeping. Almost.

The only way

I nominate this for tons of shit. Tons!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Treat me like this tomorrow

We might be going a lil out tonight. Need tenderness tomorrow.

wait what wut moi?

from my beautiful gorgeous hot amazing friend Hanna!

Finally something worth sprayin' on ya shooooes

Next step is to try it on the bottom of your shoes and walk on water. Poff. Just like that.


- Oh hi, tall stranger.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tis needs to get millions of views

I can admit I looked at the '7 min' sign too and sighed. But then I watched it and you should do it too. More people should see this. More people should be aware o what's going on. Really, really scary. makes you think and wonder...

You have 10 seconds starting...!

hey loser Jun Jun Sotto - THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT

Imma dialing right now.

It's right theaaa

Confidence is A in everyth... or not sorry so sorry

just struck me; maybe I've posted this before. maybe. maybe not. maybe you should go fuck yourself.

One of the funniest scenes of all time

My friend just got engaged so I found this very appropriate.

Lego NY

1st Graders LUCK

Awww <3.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Race against the tide

This was pretty extreme. Phew.

Two pussies

Here's a lil animated film we did for the release of the new Italy kit

15 minutes with Buffon and Chiellini in a gymnasium against white sheets turned out to this.

Hey Obama - you can just chill the fuck out

Your opposition is doing your job for you. Seriously this is just insane. What an absolute fucking dumb nut.


panda poem

Monday, November 14, 2011

just watch this

we'll talk after.

Earth | Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over | NASA, ISS from Michael König on Vimeo.

holy wow caramba punt return

Not just that he did it. How he did it. Genius.

Today's words of wisdom

I need this after my phone suddenly from nowhere died yesterday and I had to buy a new one. That didn't include my contacts, photos or text mesgs after I synched it. Great.

Like a BUS

The only way to do it.

Friday, November 11, 2011


BREAKING: Funniest shit today

Who knew Liam was such a funny fuck.

a-m-a-z-i-n-g friday track

You're welcome.

Cute overload

Didn't know who any of these kids were, but dang. I surrender. Bye to an ordinary childhood though, girls.




This dog wins today's best dog award

Easily. On so many levels. God  I only wish we could hear the end of that last sentence..

This is very good

And something you should watch. Yes, I've worked on it - but it's still good. An artist from each country designed the new kit for all the PUMA Africa teams. Each one with different interpretations and designs conveying something unique about each country. We also made 6 country specific films, you should watch all of them.

UPDATE: This is also a lil behind the scenes and background.


This post will only make sense for two seconds today.

UPDATE: Nope this didn't work. Well why don't you remove it theeeen

Thursday, November 10, 2011


NYC Subway skating

Like idiots. And like idiots they triumph.

Car window meme art