Wednesday, March 31, 2010

NOT everyone has one

Broadway is full of small marks in the street. Each usually indicates a famous sporting event (New York triumph) or, most commonly, a war event of some kind. A battle, casualties, victory or kidnapping or such. Each one is dated by month, day and year. Yes. The obnoxious American way of writing a date.

I am like beyond proud to announce I have my own. A strip honoring my year and exact everything from my birthdate. It feels surreal and quite wild to be honest.

Oh silly me

Went to the bathroom, and as usual, before I entered my pants top button was unbuttoned (not sure where I should put this on my alert list of, wtf). As I stood by the urinal (yes we have one and it's great! No lids!) and reached for the zipper I noticed it wasn’t there. Now, before I actually had time to think, wtf, I remembered. Heck, I don’t even have a zipper on these jeans. It’s on the other ones. HA!

Dice Prints

Coming from here.

Yesterday I ate oysters at Balthazar

Wasn't as eerie as last (first) time but still not convinced.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Magnum '10

Also snitched from Terry. duh

Blue Steel '10

Yadi yadi yadi it's from Terry, yes.

Rivers seen from space

Quite fucking fascinating if you ask me. Stolen from here.

WOW --> sculpture of church from single grain of sand

Micro view: Willard Wigan carved the St Bartholomew's church into this grain of sand and then put it in the eye of a needle. It's so small that it can't be seen with the naked eye.

From fairly talented artist, Willy Wigan.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Aaaah kids... Scarface School Play

Cheers jon.

The entire world is celebrating

It's been over a year since I last ate a piece of candy.
Now if anything, jisus fucking christ this is mammoth huge.
And remember – and never forget – ice cream doesn't count.

Skype love

At dinner yesterday with Fab, he told me this story about his current roommate, LP (not really roommate - but he sleeps on his floor for now, so it almost counts). LP is French-Canadian and so is his girlfriend. Although, LP lives in NYC, US and she lives in Ottawa, Canada.

Summary is, as Fab put it, They're constantly on Skype - they live there.

When he comes home they usually cook together. They have bought the exact same ingredients and cook the same meal. Then they cook everything at the exact same pace, chop the exact same things at the exact same time, and puts in everything at the same time. They then eat together. Laptop on the table and talk to each other while they enjoy their together-cooked-meal.

After dinner it's time to decide which movie they want to see, and thanks to share desktop on Skype, they can then stream the movie and watch it at the same time while talking to each other, if they want, during the film.

But the coziest is when they're going to sleep, LP then lifts up his computer as if he's lifting up his girlfriend and carries her in to the bedroom.

I die.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fab dinner with Fab

Fabian and partner (WORK!) Ida has finally decided that New York is much cooler than London and moved here. We are very thankful for this. Due to insane work-week it has taken us until today to meet the little basterd, but it was way worth it. Dinner at my fav spot, Schiller's (like Riche) where I also took the opportunity to try my new bike - on a slight bigger excursion than just cruising to work. It went fine. Problem was to lock it. The fucking lock/chain I bought didn't fit both wheels + bike around the pole (thank you, lying salesman - but it's stil darn fucking nice bike tho, so we're cool). So I improvised (compromised) and chose only one wheel. It went fine. No one had stolen it and I could look awesome all the way home with my bike lock/chain around my shoulder.

LSD is one hell of a drug to do/make/be creative on

Yesterday we celebrated Daniel's birthday at the original Coyote Ugly Bar

(You were not allowed to take pics with your mobile, but I'm a slippery fuck)

Merton returns

He's back. We thank him for it.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Just found at that Brännboll is called Rounders in English. Which is fun, cause that means the Matt Damon/Edward Norton flick, Rounders, where they are poker/card game sharks, is called Brännboll in Swedish. (Now if that's not funny I don't know what is).

Anyways, soon we're off to McCarren Park in Williamsburg where beers will be drinken, laughs had, and FRIVARV made. But the most important question remains but will hopefully quickly be answered, is there extra points for catching a Fly Ball with one or two hands. This might very well be the tipping point of the game.

The dasslock, toilet-lid, or the cool bat?

MEGA UPDATE: I just discovered that Brännboll is actually called - Brännboll - in English too. Wow. See for yourself. Maybe it's kind of like Smörgåsbord.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fucking snoozing

Never ever snooze. Get up straight. Like a catapult out of bed. Ready to embrace life and the world an its magical wonders as it comes. BOOM. Until recently. Snoozing like a punk on meth. Or marijuana. Or whatever makes you totally sleepy and inactive.

So today as I woke up I knew I had already snoozed a few times (as always) and got out of bed – so I wouldn’t be too late. Checked the clock after a while. 3am. I hadn’t snoozed yet. My alarm hadn’t even gotten off in the first place (and not for another good three and a half hours). This was very weird and where I usually feel exuberant joy of the 'extra sleep hours' I just got, I was pissed. At getting used to snoozing. Lesson: don’t fucking snooze. Or whatever. Long week.

Marilyn and Audrey

From none other than (drum whirl) Terry Richardson (cymbal).

Paper Gameboy!!

I borrowed it from here.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Well hello the world's coolest man - Steve McQueen: 20 Never-Seen Photos

Like the prankster I am I screengrabbed the shit out of TIME & LIFE magazine and John Dominis' wonderful photos. As you may have already counted; there's still a few puppies left to look at (plus blogger sucks with pictures, so you should click regardless).