Monday, February 23, 2009

Big game tomorrow

I’m so, so scared. We’re only in the first knockout round and already are the ultimate game between two ultimate teams on the agenda. Champions' League, Inter-Man United. To say I’m excited is neatly put it a severe understatement (let's not even go into the other games; Chelsea-Juventus, Liverpool-Real Madrid etc etc GHA!).

Although it’s quite sad they face each other now actually. Would be so much more fun (or is right the right word) to see these teams in, say a semifinal. Same thing happened last year when United defeated Barca in the same round. And on their expense are other, really shitty (boring) teams qualifying. Team's that no one, except their own hardcore fans, feel even remotely keen about. And if we're unlucky enough - have to watch as far as in the finals (i.e. Monaco-Porto - didn't even watch it).

"But that's the beauty of football", I hear someone - same hardcore fans as above, perhaps, mumble in frustration and with no real world concept.

But this is more of a match between two intellects. Sir Alex, and whom I think will be his successor to his post, Mourinho. They’ve had their share of clashes before, usually with the latter going home with the biggest grin afterwards.
Hence I’m so terrified.

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