Thursday, February 19, 2009

Grand theft razor

Lost my Gilette razor a few weeks ago. But I’m sure I didn’t lose it. It’s just gone. All gone. Despite the “mess” I have in my room – it’s still an organized mess – I know where I have things and if someone else would change/move/remove anything I’d notice (and it would mess up the whole organization/orientation).

Ok, so we’ve settled a third party broke into my room and stole it. Fine.

"So buy a new one", someone thinks out loud, clearly unashamed of his or hers lack of intelligence.

- I don’t want to buy just another Gilette-razor. Why? New arrival in stores today – it’s the Gilette Fusion Power Phenom – and I loove new things/flavors/arrivals/etc/etc. Can you even imagine how impeccable my face will look after some strokes with that puppy? I can’t. But dying to find out.

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