Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Extra brand-new flavors

Extra, who usually do chewing gums (- that are good for your teeth, (ti-tink-tink-tink*, anyone?) are now expanding their portfolio by creating a more diverse range. Tapping in to a product range where they haven’t been at all before.

Latest is creating the same style of pastilles as Läkerol have (who own on the market in this field). Problem is, Extra is really good at producing new flavors. Läkerol aren’t. They’re stuck with fewer interesting flavours, with Salvi, which of course still is the best flavor of all pastilles, as their prime, and saviour.

But – they don’t have the good-for-the-teeth profit that Extra have in their products. Not sure if it’s in Extra’s pastilles as it is in their gum either to be honest, but then again, you lost me ad ti-tink-tink-tink.

*Please tell me you’ve seen the commercial, or else this makes no sense and isn’t even remotely funny

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