Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A perplex review* of Slumdog Millionaire

Some have seen the trailer I guess. Looks amazing and makes you want to see it and hope for your own destiny to come knocking on your door (or a TV-show to call), doesn’t it?
The film is good. Even, occasionally, great.

But I was one of those poor souls who did watch that stupid trailer (amazing trailer as a trailer though). And despite the film is being setup the way it was – you knew what was going to happen. I mean we’ve seen films jumping in time-order/years/between-stories before – it’s not that. It’s the way the trailer is setup against to what the film delivers.
I don’t want to see scenes that standout in a trailer and wait for them to come. And when they haven't – you know it will come – cause you've seen it in the trailer and it is no surprise anymore. But the movie builds it up as if it is suppose to be a surprise.
It annoyed me.

What made me really go hurrah though is the way they reinvented subtitles. Now who says they should always be perfectly aligned white text on black? Hurrah!
But ok, it's beautiful. She's stunning and cinematography - isn't the very best - but good enough to make me smile and remember it.
I want to see it again.

* More of a comment on the trailer vs the film, I guess.

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